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Game Version Date Notes
Ver.2.10 September 12, 2023[1] New character release : Duo Lon + New Theme + Full cast balance patch
Ver.2.00 August 8, 2023[2] New character release : Nadj + New Stage + New Theme + New setting in training for "installs" + New rank IMMORTAL in ranked + few bug fixes
Ver.1.93 June 28, 2023[3] bugs fixes
Ver.1.92 June 20, 2023[4] Goenitz + CrossPlateform Online + New music + New Boss Mode + minor bugs corrected
Ver.1.80 May 16, 2023[5] Sylvie Paula Paula + 11 new tracks + MM fix + minor bugs corrected
Ver.1.71 April 13, 2023[6] bug fixes from 1.70
Ver.1.70 April 04, 2023[7] Kim Kaphwan playable as DLC + New Random list available in DjStation for Menu and CharSelect
Ver.1.63 January 27, 2023[8] Bug fix on DjStation and Ending illustrations staying locked. Balance issue fixed on Ash [4]6A et [4]6B
Ver.1.62 January 13, 2023[9] Full cast balance patch. Added ability to change battle settings while in a Room Match. Added Shingo's BGM to DJ Station.
Ver.1.53 November 1, 2022[10] Bug fix.
Ver.1.52 October 20, 2022[11] Bug fixes.
Ver.1.51 October 4, 2022[12] Can now alter the input delay settings during online matches, added "random list" to DJ Station, bug fixes.
Ver.1.40 August 08, 2022[13] Ranked match search and other online improvements, minor balance changes and bug fixes.
Ver.1.34 June 10, 2022[14] Improving PS5 input lag and bug fixes.
Ver.1.33 May 20, 2022[15] Fixing bugs from the previous patch.
Ver.1.32 May 16, 2022[16] Full cast balance patch. Added features such as order select for online and player side in training mode.
Ver.1.21 April 23, 2022[17] Fixed crashes when joining online lobbies. Bug fixes, notably Omega Rugal bugs.
Ver.1.20 April 14, 2022[18] Boss challenge added to missions along with free DLC character Omega Rugal. Fair play score reset and various bug fixes.
Ver.1.14 April 05, 2022[19] Bug fixes. Fixed bugs that caused the game to freeze.
Ver.1.12 March 21, 2022[20] Minor update and bug fix. Rebalance dash input to make it easier.
Ver.1.11 March 17, 2022[21] Bug fixes such as false disconnection flags. Guard first hit option added to training mode. Minor balance updates/bug fixes for some characters, most notably Whip being buffed. Addition of Team GAROU.
Ver.1.02.1 March 09, 2022[22] Only for Steam/Epic Games Store versions. Fixed issues where game would crash on startup, added display settings and keys that can be hotkeyed to the keyboard. Fair Play Score bugs will be addressed in a later update.
Ver.1.02 February 18, 2022[23] Bug fixes. Xbox Series X/S and Windows 10 versions received the patch on February 24th and 25th respectively.
Ver.1.00 February 17, 2022 Release version.



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