Zantetsu (LB1)

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Cancel-Able Normals

  • 4 A, 5 A, 5 B, 2 B, 5 C, and 3 C

These Normals are cancel-able in both power and speed mode


  • 3 B and 5 C can hit knocked down opponents


  • 236 A/B. A basic slash special that has better range than his normals. Can be followed up with another 236 A/B on hit only.
  • 214 B. Energy thrust, good poke, knocks down on hit. (Super cancelable and can be done unarmed)
  • 623 Kick. Zantetsu’s DP.
  • 641236 Med. Projectile. Similar to Vice’s ebony tears from KOF.
  • (Air) 236 A/B. Zantetsu throws three Kunai to the ground. Where exactly they land depends on jump height but as a rule of thumb, Light version lands in front of him, and med version lands at 3/4 of screen. (can be done unarmed)
  • (Air) 2 C. Basically Akuma’s Tenmakujinkyaku . can be followed up with another 2 Kick on hit only.
  • 421 A. Zantetsu goes invisible… sort of. stays active for about 7 seconds