Fatal Fury Special/Laurence Blood

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Poncho Throw - cl. f + C

  • A regular throw

Poncho Breaker - cl. f + D

  • Wraps the capote (dress cape) around the opponent and squeezes them
  • Mashable throw

Flying Buster - cl. in air d + C

  • Grabs opponent in the air and descends to the ground doing a back breaker

Special Moves

Bloody Saber - hcf + C

  • Takes out his saber and lunges at the opponent
  • C version goes farther

Bloody Spin - charge b~f + K

  • Similar to psycho crusher, both versions go full screen
  • D version is faster

Bloody Cutter - charge d~u + C

  • Looks like Dictator's Devil Reverse from SF2 except it's really fast

Desperation Move

Bloody Flash - df hcf db f + BD

Fatal Fury Special



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