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Gameplay Overview

Gameplay Notes

Blue Mary's gameplay style revolves around high risk/high reward. She can pressure opponents well with her guessing games. Her Double Rolling is a great attack that can setup her damage and guessing games, the follow-up third hit to Double Rolling can be canceled into M.Snatcher, which deals pretty good damage, almost half a lifebar. She is also able to cancel the follow-up into Young Dive, which is where Mary's guessing games begin. From Young Dive you can perform M.Spider, an unblockable that grabs standing opponent and possesses some invulnerability frames, or she can perform the Reverse Kick, a simple turn-around jump kick, effectively allowing Mary to cross-up her opponent. The M.Spider can also be performed outside of the Young Dive, it can be executed very low to the ground by Tiger Knee'ing the command. Her Desperation Move/S-Power, M.Typhoon, is an unblockable that travels a mid-screen distance with a bit of start-up time. This move occasionally works when thrown out when least expected, but one of it's most prominent uses is during an untechable knockdown and kara-canceled into from Mary's f + B overheard. If your opponent tries to block the f + B overhead and you kara into M.Typhoon, they will be the guarding state while you roll out with M.Typhoon.

Finally, using Mary's Super Desperation Move/P-Power, Escalation, she becomes a force to be reckon with by gaining several new attacks, Vertical Arrow (dp + A), Straight Slicer (Charge b, then f + A) and Spin Fall (qcf + C). Each chain into certain specials, for example -

Vertical Arrow chains into M.Snatcher, then you can perform Dynamite Swing. Iput dp + A (Vertical Arrow), followed by dp + B (M.Snatcher), and finish with d + C (Dynamite Swing).

Each of her new attacks chains into a different special and can be ended with the Dynamite Swing finisher for big damage. Also note that Vertical Arrow is an instant overhead, which you can cancel into from a cr.B, giving Mary an extremely difficult to block attack!

Learn to abuse Mary's offensive mix-ups and mind games, she is great at harassing opponents that love to turtle or charge in recklessly.


Unblockable M.Spider That Can Be Tiger-Knee'ed or Performed During Young Dive, Setting Up Mary's Guessing Games.

Escalation P-Power Buffs Mary's Offensive Arsenal Considerably, And Enables Her To Deal Alot Of Damage, Along With Some Powerful Breakshots That Become Available To Her.

Strong Mix-Up And Mind Games, Forcing Opponents To Guess.

Kara M.Typhoon Gives Mary A Good Untechable Knockdown Option.

Crab Clutch Is A Good Punishing Tool From Mid-Range, And Can Surprisingly Put A Stop To Many Attacks. Great Whiff Punishing Tool As Well.


Outside Of Escalation Mode, Mary Has No Good Reliable Breakshot Options.

Likewise, Outside of Escalation Mode, Mary Has A Difficult Time On Defense.

Most Of Her Specials Are Easily Punishable.

Not Many Combo Options Outside Of Escalation Mode.


This is the section for normals whether it's jump/stand/crouch




Avoid Attack


Command Moves

Special Moves




(FC) - Feint Cancel

(KC) - Kara Cancel

DMG - Damage

No Meter


S-Power/Yellow Life

S-Power/Red Life


FC Combos




Frame Specifics


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