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Gameplay Overview

Gameplay Notes

RB2's resident juggle-master an ultimate example of big risk / big reward, whether Bob wins or loses can depend on the setup and execution of a single combo.

He has an excellent set of normals, decent pokes (though he no longer has the godly B poke he had in FF3), a nice set of specials, good S-Power/P-Power, a regular throw that sets up into juggles, a decent mind game, and is the only character in the game with both a rising attack and a pursuit, and the crowning jewel of his strengths: not only does he have the easiest infinite in the game, but he has nearly half a dozen ways of setting it up (including from his regular throw)!

His downsides are positioning and recovery. He only has one safe special: the Rolling Turtle and even then, it's only safe if you land (hit or blocked) the last 5 hits of it. Used improperly, this move can leave you extremely unsafe even when it's fully connected! He has to very precise in both timing, execution, and positioning in order to maximize his damage, and any slip-up can leave him served up on a sliver platter.


You'd think Bob, being a practitioner of Capoeria would have a ton of mind games?well, sadly he doesn't. This is due to two things: one is that he doesn't have any normals that are overheads, and the one special he has that's an overhead is a charge motion, which puts a serious limit on the ways he can use it. His mind games open up considerably once he is able to use his S-Power.

Bob excels at two things: his low strings and his juggles. His normals are fast, have great range, and have very little recovery. Though he has a huge list of specials, you?ll likely be relying on his normals the vast majority of the time.

Something I should note is that Bob is one of the few characters in the game that doesn't have anyway of knocking someone into the back plane, which is a shame because it would add greatly to his mind games and ability to do damage.

Bob has the luxury in that his air C animation for the hop is the same as the one for his jump, which is awesome news, because his air C is one of the best in the game; enough so for it to be one of your main methods of closing range and applying pressure.

Bob has two optimal ranges: close and sweep range. Sweep range for applying pressure with his poking (preferably low ones) game and close for when he wants to go for big damage. While there are people with better ranged pokes, there are few (arguably none) that have his speed with them.

Though he has defensive tools, the main one being his Bison Horn to beat / trade attacks, and his speedy pokes to slip in an opponent's defense: he's much better suited for offense.


-Excellent normals

-Decent Pokes

-Good Specials

-Good S-Power/P-Power

-Regular throw that sets up into juggles

-Decent mind games

-Only character in the game with both a rising attack and a pursuit

-Easiest infinite in the game with nearly half a dozen ways of setting it up


-Positioning and recovery

-Only one safe special but only safe if you land (hit or block) the last five fits of it

-Must be very precise in timing, execution, and positioning

-One slip-up can mean the end for Bob




st.A - Bob does a light backhand at the opponent

-Has an okay reach on it



cr.B - Bob puts his hands behind him and turns his body around to poke his foot out at the opponent

-Has good reach

-A decent normal to avoid high attacks with



j.C - Bob jumps forwards or backwards, and kicks both feet outwards towards the opponent


Falcon=(f/b + C) - Bob grabs the opponent and knees them in the gut


Hornet Attack=(df, df + C) - Bob follows up his throw by cartwheeling across the screen and juggling the opponent

-Can be followed up with ANY of Bob's moves that contain juggle properties

-Has a lack of good range

-Hornet Attack requires some speed to pull off

-Has potential for incredible damage

Air Falcon=(df + C) - Bob does Falcon in the air.

-Hit Detection: Close, in air

-Not much reason to use this

-Will probably shock you more than the opponent when it actually comes out

Avoid Attack


Low Fang=(A + B) - Bob will dodge an attack at the last second and counter by ducking and kicking the enemy

-Long amount of invincibility

-Is bufferable

-Makes for a decent poke

-Low enough to avoid some attacks

Command Normals


Flying Fish=(C) - Bob does an upward flip attack with his feet on wake-up.

-Hit Detection: Close, On wake-up

-Just a slower, weaker, version of Bob's Bison Horn with less priority and more recovery


Eagle Step=(ub/uf, d + B) - Bob jumps forwards or backwards and stomps both his feet down onto the opponent

-Good for avoiding attacks

-Rather unsafe on hit/block

-Cannot be done from a short jump


Elephant Tusk=(df + A) - Bob squats down on one leg and his hands and kicks the other leg into the air at the opponent


H. Hedgehog=(f f, f + C) - Bob dashes forward and tackles into the opponent with his shoulder

-Good speed

-Decent priority

-Causes knockdown

-Can be done at any point during a dash

-Good for getting someone into the corner


Leg Drop=(u + C) - Bob performs a quick front flipping heel kick onto the downed opponent.


-Guaranteed after a throw or a S-Power

-Can leave Bob open if the opponent can do a fall recover

-Even when it misses, most people won't react fast enough to hit Bob while he recovers

Wolf Tail=(f f + B + C/df + B/df + A) - Bob does a dashing version of his standing B that doesn't link into any other normal.

-Unlike his normal dashing B, Bob continues to slide forward when he kicks

-Serves as a long-ranged, bufferable, poke

-Can serve as a minor anti-air

-Can also give him a bufferable sliding jab by doing df + A during a dash


Feint Dancing Bison=(d + B + C) - Bob begins the first few frames of Dancing Bison and then suddenly stops



Rolling Turtle=(qcb + B) - Bob turns upside down and spins around on his head with his feet out kicking


-Can control where Bob moves with f and b

-Kicks 8-10 times but only 5 of these will connect on hit/block

-Best to not land the first few hits outside of a juggle to prevent being open from the missing hits

-Possible to miss the first few hits within a combo

-Can do the infinite with this move

-Can juggle Bison Horn and Dancing Bison after this


Sidewinder=(qcb + C) - Bob drops down to his hands and spins his feet around side to side in circles to trip the opponent

-Hits low


-Decent damage

-Has VERY poor recovery on whiff/block


Bison Horn=(d~u + C) - Bob will charge for a bit and then jump up and kick off the opponent, flipping away from them



-Practically zero invincibility

-Incredible speed and priority

-Very few moves can beat out this one

-Bob's main combo/juggle ender

-Has some bad recovery, so it can be punished by characters with projectiles/long reach/speed


Wild Wolf=(b~f + B) - Bob does a one-handed cartwheel that hits 3 times.



-Effective anti-air

-First hit isn't an overhead but the last two are

-If the last hit connects just right, you can connect his S-Power/P-Power but its very risky

-This move is comboable, but Bob has many better options


Monkey Dance=(dp + B) - Bob flies through the air at a 45 angle with three powerful roundhouse kicks.



-Bob's secondary anti-air and juggle extender

-Great range, speed, and priority

-Main uses are setting up combos/juggles, zoning, and setting up Bison Horn and Dancing Bison

-If the last hit of this move misses or barely hits, you cannot juggle either Bison from it

-This move can make or break the match when it lands


Frog Hunting=(b, f f + B + C) - Bob quickly launches himself forward with a flying dropkick that knocks down on hit, it also sends Bob flying down to the ground whether it's hit or blocked.


-Good surprise move

-Little recovery on whiff

-Goes through all but the highest fireballs

-Extremely unsafe on block DO NOT use unless you know it will hit



Dangerous Wolf=(f, hcf + B + C) - Bob performs a series of very fast Wild Wolves with trails of energy surrounding his feet before finishing with a Bison Horn.


-Very fast and comboable

-Does less damage than every other S-Power in the game

-Does not become an overhead until two hits connect (hit/block)

-Crouching opponent can stand and block the entire S-Power because of this

-Very bad for Bob if this is blocked, whiffed, or even hits an airborne opponent

-Best used to combo into or use low pokes/strings to set it up

-Always follow up with his pursuit because it is inescapable following S-Powers



Dancing Bison=(f, hcf + C) - Bob begins with a sideways, one-handed handstand and corkscrews towards the opponent and into the air with huge trails of wind gushing behind his feet.


-Very fast

-Combos off of practically everything: pokes, low attack, the Falcon/Hornet Attack, Wolf Tail, Wild Wolf, Monkey Dance...

-Has decent invincibility at start-up

-Does a ton of damage

-Fair amount of recovery if blocked/whiffed

-Unreliable as an anti-air

-In rare instances, whether its anti-air or not, the first kick in this move has been known to pass completely through the opponent

-If Bob so much as lands any bufferable attack that isn't a sweep with the very tip of his fingernail, you can land this attack

-Can be followed up with the pursuit for extra damage


Chain Combos

Punch Starters
P (*)  --------> K (*)      -----> S (E)       
          |     S (*, E)          df + S (*, A, E)
          ----> d + K (*, _)----> d + S (_, E)
          ----> P (*)      -----> K (*)     -----> S (E)
                                  S (*, E)
P close (*)----> K (*)      -----> S (E)       
          |     S (*, E)          df + S (*, A, E)
          ----> d + K (*, _)----> d + S (_, E)
          ----> P (*)      -----> K (*)     -----> S (E)
          :                  :    S (*, E)         df + S (*, A, E)
          :                  :
          :                  :
          :                  :
          :                  : 
          :                  ---> d + K (*, _)---> d + S (_, E)
          :                  :
          :                  :
          :                  :
          :                  :
          :                  ---> P (*)     -----> K (*)   -----> S (E)
          :                                        S (*, E)
          ----> d + P (*)  -----> K (*)     -----> S (E) 
                             :                     df + S (*, A, E)
                             ---> d + K (*, _)---> d + S (_, E)
                             ---> P (*)     -----> K (*)   -----> S (E)
                                                   S (*, E)  

d + P (*)------> K (*)      -----> S (E) 
           |                      df + S (*, A, E)
           ---> d + K (*, _)----> d + S (_, E)
           ---> P (*)      -----> K (*)     -----> S (E) 
           :                 :    S (*, E)         df + S (*, A, E)
           :                 :
           :                 :
           :                 :
           :                 ---> d + K (*, _)---> d + S (_, E)
           :                 :
           :                 :
           :                 :
           :                 :
           :                 ---> P (*)     -----> K (*)   -----> S (E)
           :                                       S (*, E)
           ---> d + P (*)  -----> K (*)     -----> S (E)
                             :                     df (*, A, E)
                             ---> d + K (*, _)---> d + S (_, E)
                             ---> P (*)     -----> K (*)   -----> S (E)
                                                   S (*, E)

df + P (*)-----> d + K      -----> d + S (*, _, E)

P in air (O)---> S (1, H, O, E)

Kick Starters
K (*)  --------> K (*)      -----> S (E)       
K close (*)|     S (*, E)          df + S (*, A, E)
          ----> d + K (*, _)----> d + S (_, E)
d + K (_, *)----> K (*)     -----> S (E) 
           |                      df + S (*, A, E)
           ---> d + K (*, _)----> d + S (_, E)
K in air (O)---> S (1, H, O, E)
Strong Starters
S (*)  --------> S          -----> f + S (E)  
S close (*)                        u + S (O, E)

Though Bob doesn't have the flexibility of his chains that Bash does (but then, who does?) he does have a great mashable A and a very long-ranged low B that's also bufferable into specials / supers. Also, Bob can do his chains without them hitting the opponent. Unless otherwise noted, you can begin any combo that starts with A with 3-4 of them.

Falcon + Hornet Attack xx S/S (Throw, Launcher, Infinite Setup)

A + B xx S/S

d + A, B, C

d + A, B, df + C (launcher) xx S/S (Infinite Setup)

d + A, d + B (low) d + C (low)

df + A, df + B, df + C (low, launcher) xx S/S (Infinite Setup)

df + A xx S/S

A, C xx S/S

d + B, B, C

d + B, B, df + C (launcher) xx S/S (Infinite Setup)

d + B, d + B, d + C

C, C, f + C (knockdown)

C, C, A, C xx S/S

C, C, d + A, B, C

C, C, d + A, B df + C (launcher) xx S/S (Infinite Setup)

C, C, d + A, d + B (low) d + C (low)




Bob's infinite can start from anything that is a launcher, and involves juggling the first and last hit of the Rolling Turtle into itself. Depending on which starter you use, you may have to delay the first Rolling Turtle to properly land the first hit.

Generally, after the 2nd Rolling Turtle, there's a very slight shift in timing where you have to perform the 3rd instantly after the 2nd one ends. After that it becomes easier to maintain the infinite. Also, after any Rolling Turtle, you can juggle any special / super with the Juggle property (except for the Monkey Dance and Frog Hunting).

Frame Specifics

-> Stands for a chain continuing from the previous attack

Far A: 6f, +0 on block, +4 on hit

-> B: -3 on block, +1 on hit

-> B -> C: -6 on block, +0 on hit

-> B -> d/f+C: -3 on block

-> d+B: -3 on block, +1 on hit

-> d+B -> d+C: -3 on block

-> C: -4 on block, +2 on hit

Far B: 7f, -5 on block, -1 on hit

-> Same strings as Far A

Far C: 9f, -4 on block, +2 on hit

-> C: +0 on block, +6 on hit

-> C -> f+C: -5 on block

-> C -> u+C: -14 on block, -8 on hit

Close A: 6f, +0 on block, +4 on hit

-> Same strings as Far A

Close B: 7f, -3 on block, +1 on hit

-> Same strings as Far A

Close C: 9f, -3 on block, +3 on hit

-> Same strings as Far C (can only chain from 1st hit of Close C, however)

Crouching A: 6f, +0 on block, +4 on hit

-> Same strings as Far A, except that d+A-C does not work

Crouching B: 7f, -3 on block, +1 on hit

-> Same strings as Crouching A

Crouching C: 9f, -3 on block

Jumping A: 6f

Jumping B: 7f

Jumping C: 9f

Neutral Jumping/Hopping B: 8f

Neutral Jumping C: 7f

A+B: 9f, -16 on block, -10 on hit

Standing D: 6f, -4 on block, -1 on hit

Crouching D: 7f, +1 on block

Backplane A: 25f, +1 on block, +3 on hit

Backplane B: 23f, -1 on block, +1 on hit

Backplane C: 25f, -3 on block,

d/f+A: 9f, -9 on block, -3 on hit

-> d+B: -8 on block, -4 on hit

-> d+B -> d+C: -4 on block

Dashing f+C: 19f, -5 on block

Jumping d+B: 10f

u+C on downed opponent: 18f

Tap C while downed: 14f, -44 on block

qcb+B: 10f, hits until frame 48 or it reaches 5 hits, -22 to -4 on block, -16 to +2 on hit

dp+B: 14f, -47 on block

Charge b,f+B: Charge time = 30f, startup = 20f, +0 on block, +6 on hit

Charge d,u+C: Charge time = 30f, startup = 4f, -47 on block

qcb+C: 20f, -18 on block

b,f,f+B+C: 16-18f depending on distance, -46 on block

f,hcf+B+C: 19f, becomes overhead after 2 hits are blocked, -41 on block

f,hcf+C: 4f, -46 on block

d+B+C: 19f

Notes: Bob's feint is pretty nice given that his normals have decent recovery as is. With it, his sweep and his strings into d/f+C become even on block, among other things.

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