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Geese Howard (RB2)


Mauling Tiger Crunch - f/b + C (has Face Smash for followup)

Face Smash - dp + C (during Mauling Tiger Crunch)

Kosatsu Sho - df + C near opponent

Ran'mei Gouha Nage - d + C near downed opponent

Command Moves

Flying Slice - f + A

Raikou Mawashi Geri - b + B

Fake-out Moves

Raging Storm - D + BC

Special Moves

Reppuken: qcb + A

Double Reppuken: qcb + C

Atemi Nage(low) - hcf + A (counters low attacks)

Atemi Nage(high) - hcf + B (counters air attacks)

Atemi Nage(mid) - hcf + C (counters mid attacks)

Shinkuu Nage - 270 + A near opponent

Super Special Moves

Raging Storm - f, hcf + BC

Super Desperation Move

Rashoumon - 270 + C near opponent

Deadly Rave - qcb, f + A(press A,A,B,B,B,C,C,C,qcb + C to continue deadly rave, can end early and combo out of by not executing qcb+C finish)

Real Bout Fatal Fury 2



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