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Gameplay Overview

Gameplay Notes

  • Use her speed as she is not that strong of a character
  • Don't rely on her specials. Use chains and then cancel into Nanpa for quick hits.
  • On wake up, use Ten Poh Zan or  ;c. Those have high priority in this game, as well as cr.  ;a and cr.  ;b
  • Abuse her DMs when in red life
  • Backdash with Xiangfei works as an emergency escape and provides temporary invincibility. Opponent's attacks will pass right through during your backdash, not regular dash.


  • Very fast


  • A bit on the weak side



st. B - Xiangfei sends out a quick kick.

  • Good range and recovery time.
  • Useful as a Poke.


cr. B - A long-reaching crouching kick.

  • Another good poke.
  • Useful for poking and connecting other attacks.
  • Can connect into Zen Chuoh.


j. B


Reverse Elbows - f/b + C (Close)

Command Moves

Ri mon Chou Chu - f + A

  • Xiangfei does a lunging elbow.
  • Not really worth doing because it's slow.

Low Foot - b + B

  • Must be blocked low.
  • You can feint the Low Foot into a special/DM by doing the Special/DM just before the Low Foot comes out.

Hop Cancel - C

  • Low Foot won't come out, and instead it will cancel into a forward hop/low dodge.
  • Xiangfei does a fake b + B, then she does a quick hop forward.
  • Not very useful.

Drunken Backhand - A + B

  • Xiangfei slightly sways herself toward the opponent while giving him/her a hard strike with her fist.
  • Use right before you're about to be hit by a non-projectile, and Xiangfei will dodge and counter attack.
  • Good range, fast, and combo-able.

Unknown Name - C, f, f + A

  • Xiangfei does her C attack, then slides past the opponent to the other side.
  • Purpose of this move is still unknown. Probably to confuse opponents.

Feint Ten Poh Zan - b + AC

  • Can make Xiangfei invincible for a bit against projectiles and standing attacks.

Feint Taitetsujin - d + BC

Special Moves

Nanpa - qcf + A/C

  • Xiangfei does a quick turn with both arm extended, and attacks with chi palms.
  • Absorbs projectiles.
  • This move when done with A is fast but has poor range, which keeps it from being a better move. It leaves you open for other attacks if missed, so be careful when using it. Make sure it connects or at least hits the opponent.
  • Breakshot

Zen Chuoh - qcf + B

  • Xiangfei does a quick dash then tumbles on the ground toward the opponent and grabs, then elbows the opponent and sends them flying. This is a pretty good move to use get a surprise hit. You can use this to get under non-groundbased projectiles like Krauser's high Blitz ball.
  • The rolling grab needs to connect without being blocked to perform the technique.

- Kanku - qcf + B

  • After Zen Chuou is done, the opponent is sent flying. Then she will jump in after the opponent and give him/her a flying kick, followed by another one that knocks the opponent down. Do this before Xiangfei gives the opponent the elbow.

- Shin Saiha - qcb + B

  • Do this during the roll or just before she reaches the opponent. If the Zen Chuoh elbow connects, you performed this too late. This changes her grab to one that is unblockable.

Ten Poh Zan - dp + B

  • Xiangfei does a steep diagonal shoulder tackle. Good move.  
  • Works just like a dragon punch.
  • Good priority.
  • Breakshot

Esaka (Breakshot) - High - A then u just as you are about to be hit. - Mid - A then f just as you are about to be hit. - Low - A then d just as you are about to be hit.

  • Counter

Desperation Moves

Taitetsujin - f, hcf + BC

  • S. Power.
  • Xiangfei extends her arms out and brings them to her side. The ground explodes sending the dust up clouding her, then she dashes out and tackles the opponent.
  • Very fast, though vulnerable to projectiles.
  • Good move, but not very comboable.
  • More useful for catching people off guard or in the middle of something else.

Chou Pairon Starter - C

  • Must touch the opponent for followups to come out.

- Follow Up - f, db, fd+ AB

  • If Chou Pairon Starter is blocked, this follow up is possible but you cannot perform the Finish.

- Finish - f, db, f + AB

  • Xiangfei does her strong attack, then follows up by rushing in with a double palm strike, and finishes with a shoulder ram, sending the opponent into the wall.
  • This move is more recommended for comboing and is overall her better DM.

Super Desperation Move

Majinga - 360 + C

  • Xiangfei puts her hands on the opponent's chest, forcing her chi into the opponent and sends them flying.
  • Does 100 Rush Hits.
  • If missed, she'll still her her arm out, palm open, and will let out a chi blast that does half the damage.
  • Connects close.
  • Unblockable.

Chain Attacks

Punch Starters

A (*)  -------->  A (*)      ----->  A (*)     ----->  A       ----->  f + A (E)
d + A (*) |       d + A (*)          d + A (*)         d + A
f + A (*) |                          C (*, E)          B (*, E)
          |                                     C (E)
          ----->  ;B (*)      ----->  C (O, E)   
          |       d + B (*, _)        D + C (_, E)
          |                           fd + C (*, A, E)
          |                           D (<, E)
          ----->  C (*)      ----->   A (*)     ----->  C (E)
                                      B (*, E)          A + B (T, E)
                                                        D (T, E)

A in air (O)--->  B (1, H, O, E)
                  C (1, H, O, E)

Kick Starters

B (*)  -------->  B(*)    -----> C (0, E)
d + B (*, _)      d + B (*, _)   d + C (_, E)
                                df + C (*, A, E)
                                D (<, E)

b + B (*, _)--->  D (E)

B in air (O)--->  C (F, H, 0, E)

Strong Starters

C (*)    -------->  f, f +  A (1, >, E)
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