Real Bout Fatal Fury 2/Rick Strowd

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Rick Strowd (RB2)


Punching Bag - f/b + C

Command Moves

Chopping Right - f + A (overhead)

Smash Sword - df + A

Punisher - f + C during dash

Fake-out Moves

Shooting Star - f + AC

Special Moves

Shooting Star - qcf + A/C

EX Shooting Star - qcf + C (only during full S or P power and replaces C version of Shooting star, drains a bit of meter)

Blazing Sunburst - qcb + A (unblockable)

Full Moon Fever - qcb + B (hold)

Divine Blast - qcb + C (D during back sway to cancel)

Hellion - dp + A

Super Special Moves

Gaia Breath - f, hcf + BC

Super Desperation Move

Howling Bull - f, hcf + C

Real Bout Fatal Fury 2



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