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Gameplay Overview

The quintessential small Kung Fu master, Tung is small, fast, and tricky. He centers around the use of his quick, high priority normals to get in and pressure the opponent. His small stature combined with his obscenely good High Avoid attack ensures he's a frustrating foe to hit, but also means his effective reach is ridiculously small. Against a prepared opponent, he is forced to resort to gimmicks or simply bulldogging his way in.

Pros Cons
  • Easily one of the best High Avoid attacks in the game, as well as an invincible reversal in 623B
  • Simple combos that are easy to hit confirm
  • Attacks have great priority and speed, so he can stuff a lot of attempts to mash out of his pressure
  • Good ability to attack while moving
  • An unblockable
  • Lots of moves that just don't have any real uses, or are too gimmicky to be worth going for
  • No real chain combos
  • Strong attacks don't reach quite as far as they look like they should
  • Unconventional mixup that deals comparatively small damage
  • His most frequent combos don't score a knockdown, limiting his pressure
  • Gets shut down by characters with effective keep out, especially Mai
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