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Gameplay Overview

Wolfgang Krauser is a versatile character with several good ways of breaking his opponent's defence. Krauser can also control space effectively with fireballs and long ranged attacks, but suffers when under heavy pressure and in corners. His AB attack is among the best in the game.

Gameplay Notes

  • Krauser can input BC when dashing to do a sliding version of his standing B. This version cannot chain into C.
  • Krauser's Far A, C chain is unique in that the last hit can be cancelled, but only if it is blocked.


  • Has several overheads and special throws.
  • Great damage output.
  • Good at controlling space.
  • Strong supers.


  • Attacks have slow startup.
  • No reliable reversals.
  • Big hurtbox.
  • His viable breakshots lack knockdown.



Close A

Krauser's fastest normal along with crouching A. Only useful for following up with C into specials. Crouching A is a better choice always.

Far A

A medium ranged, slow punch attack. Can be followed up with C which is only cancellable on block. Standing B is usually a better choice since it has better reach.

Close B

A short knee attack. Can be followed by C. Use crouching A instead.

Far B

A decent poke. Has good range and can be followed by C for ok damage.

Close C

Krauser's main move for doing punishing combos. All his most powerful combos start with this move. Horrible startup makes this hard to use except when it is guaranteed. If you intend to combo into this from the air, the air move must hit very deep.

Far C

A very slow, yet very useful poke. Great range and a very big hitbox means this move will beat out a lot at long range. Any trade will usually be beneficial to Krauser because of his higher damage output.


Jump A

Krauser's best air-to-air move. Horizontal hitbox and decent speed.

Jump B

A decent air move with good range, but a hitbox that will often miss against a jumping opponent.

Jump C

Very slow and short range. The timing to hit with this move is a bit trickier than most air moves. Has the ability to cross up, but this is extremely hard to do on purpose and usually happens rarely and usually unintentionally.


Crouching A

Krauser's most important close-range move. Can chain into itself several times, and chains into standing C. This is Krauser's fastest normal and will be one of his most used moves.

Crouching B

On the slower side for being a low B, this move is still useful for offence. Can chain into crouching C which hits low, or cancel into Leg Tomahawk which is an overhead. The latter is not a combo, but can be a useful mixup from time to time.

Crouching C

Has one of the best ranges in the game for a sweep. Startup is ok, recovery is very slow, so be careful. Use feint cancel on block for a very effective low poking tool.

Command Moves

Knee Smash - f/b + C Throw

Krauser's regular throw. The opponent lands at optimal poke range in front of Krauser. Usually you'd use his special throws instead.

Hook Uppercut - AB

Krauser's AB move is one of the better ones in the game. Both range and hitbox are very good, the move is safe on block and has great upper body invincibility. Krauser's main defensive option at close range.

Overhead Punch - f+A Overhead

A short-ranged overhead that deals medium damage. Not a move you'd use a lot, but is occasionally useful when the opponent becomes afraid of hitting buttons.

Elbow Drop - d+C Pursuit

Krauser's pursuit move. Because of the extremely slow startup and recovery on this move, there are only a few viable setups for this move, and they all require very precise timing. Learn the timing or get punished. Guaranteed after special throws if spaced and timed correctly. Can also be used after hitting an airborne opponent with a Kaiser Wave or a high Blitzball, but the latter is unsafe.

Body Splash - d+C Overhead

Can only be done from a high jump and has huge startup. Damage is also lower than the C, but this move can crossup without switching directions with D. Not very useful because of its slow speed.

Special Moves

Blitzball - QCB+A Projectile, Breakshot

Krauser fires a burning shard of rock from his hands. Startup, projectile speed, and recovery are all medium. The projectile travels higher than other projectiles in the game, meaning that it cannot be low jumped. Also, Big characters like Krauser and Franco cannot duck under it. A decent projectile that is useful for zoning. Causes soft knockdown on airborne opponents.

Low Blitzball - QCB+C Projectile, Breakshot

Identical to the A version with two exceptions: 1. Krauser grunts instead of shouting "Blitzball!". 2. The first active frame hits low, making it occasionally useful as a mixup in combo strings up close.

Leg Tomahawk - QCF+B Overhead, Breakshot

Krauser's most important special move. Leg Tomahawk is an excellent move that travels a good distance of the screen, hopping over ground projectiles and low moves, and hits as an overhead. The move is safe on block if spaced correctly, hits as an overhead, and is hard to counter with breakshots because it only hits once. Punishable on block if used at close range.

Kaiser Claw - DP+C Throw

Kaiser Claw is a useful anti-air tool with great range, but is too slow to be used on reaction and is bad on hit trades. Good when incorporated into Krauser's zoning game. A pursuit attack is guaranteed after this wither near corners or with a quick dash-in. The timing on the latter is very tight however.

Phoenix Counter - HCF+C High Counter

A counter move that can stop all high moves, specials, and supers. Does not work against anything that hits low, and not against projectiles. Unfortunately for Krauser, there's a small startup before the active frames where he can be hit. This means that the move won't work as a reversal and is only useful as a prediction counter.

To the Moon Blow - HCB+B Throw

A fairly damaging special throw that switches sides with the opponent and allows for a guaranteed pursuit attack followup. Good from a dash-in and for punishing mistakes.

Scum Gale - HCF+A Throw

A throw attack that switches sides with the opponent without dealing any damage on its own. The move has a followup string that does good damage, and can also be followed by a normal combo.

      Storm Uppercut - f,f+C Scum Gale follow-up

      Krauser punches the opponent into the air. Can be followed with Kaiser Claw for good damage and a potential pursuit attack setup.

Fake Blitzball d+AC Feint

Krauser performs the startup of his C version Blitzball. This is his best fake for cancelling the recovery of his normals. Fast, and works well in his zoning game as well.

Fake Kaiser Wave d+BC Feint

Krauser performs the startup of his Kaiser Wave S.Power. Slower than his other feint move, but can be very intimidating and can work well in his zoning game.

Super Powers

Kaiser Wave charge b,f+BC Super Projectile, Chargeable, Breakshot

Krauser charges up and fires a huge projectile covering almost the entire height of the screen. The speed and recovery of this move is very good considering its size and power. The move can also be charged by holding down the BC button, leading to three levels of charge:

  1. The uncharged wave is cyan in colour and can be jumped over.
  2. The wave turns blue and can no longer be jumped.
  3. The final version is red, cannot be jumped, and hits both planes.

Fancy as this may sound, there's never really any reason to charge the wave since the opponent can just wait for it to be fired and block. One other interesting feature of this move is that it can be used as a breakshot. The startup of the move is too slow for this to be useful against most normal combos, but can work well as a surprise move after blocking a projectile.

Potential Powers

Gigantic Cyclone 270+C Throw

A very damaging, instant-startup throw. A great move that makes Krauser much more scary at close range. Can be hard to land because most players will try to pressure Krauser rather than playing defensively against him.

Deadly Rave HCB, f+A Manual Combo

After the initial hit, the player must input a predetermined chain of attack buttons. If the buttons are pressed at the wrong time the combo will stop. This can be done on purpose at some points to start a new normal combo for additional damage, making this one of the most damaging combinations in the game. Krauser can take away around 90% of his opponent's life using this move.

The 2 normal combinations:

B,C,A,B,C,B,C,C = Krauser finishes with a grounded version of his Leg Tomahawk.

B,C,A,B,C,B,C, RDP+AC = Krauser finishes with a Gigantic Cyclone, knocking the opponent down. This is the more damaging combination of the two.

God 2.0's preferred version:

B,C,A,B,C,B,C close C,df+C xx Kaiser Claw, Elbow Drop = Drop the combo just before the finisher and start a new close C combo for additional damage. The pursuit is easy near corners and very tight outside of corners.

Combo Section

This section will list the most useful combos in different categories, and will list alternative combos in an uncategorized list at the end.

Bread and Butter

Combo 1

cr.A (1-3x),C xx Leg Tomahawk or Low Blitzball or Deadly Rave

A safe combo that can alternate the ending between a low move, an overhead, or a hit confirmed P.Power.

Combo 2



Cr.B xx Leg Tomahawk

The first variant is a true combo that hits low twice and knocks down. The second variant is not a true combo, but is a useful mixup because it forces the opponent to switch guard after the first hit.

Combo 3

Far A,C

A short two-hit combo that deals decent damage and has pretty good range. Useful for poking purposes. The last hit can be cancelled into supers or specials on block only.

Combo 4


Similar to Combo 3, but has better range and can be done from both versions of standing B. The second hit cannot be cancelled.

Punishing Combos

Combo 5

Close C,C (2 hits)QCF+C

A very damaging combo that will push the opponent back quite a bit both on hit and on block. This makes it safe on block, but highly susceptible to breakshots.

Combo 6

Close C,C (2 hits)df+C xx Kaiser Claw, Leg Tomahawk, Blitzball

The most damaging normal punishing combo that does not utilize Deadly Rave. The Kaiser Claw ender does the most damage, Leg Tomahawk resets the opponent allowing for continued mixup, and the Blitzball causes a very stylish soft knockdown but does lower damage.

Gameplay and Strategy

Krauser's gameplay can be split into 2 very different playing styles, and a good player would be wise to master both. The style you want to use can be depending on character matchup, player matchup, or the current situation in-game. All in all, these styles are best combined and should be changed between as the game flow changes.

Mixup Style

This style utilizes Krauser's mixup options and special throws for a highly effective pressure game. Krauser's overhead options are powerful, his special throws damaging, and his basic combos, though inflexible, deal good damage. Common ways to start your offence is to do a short jump C attack or a well spaced Leg Tomahawk from long range. These will both force the opponent into blocking high and will allow Krauser to get in his opponents face, keeping the initiative. At close range, Krauser's best options are to use Combo 1 and Combo 2 since they are his fastest and safest attacks. Use the AB attack if your opponent is fond of pressing buttons in order to disrupt Krauser's slower attacks. If your opponent starts to block a lot and generally is afraid, try doing a quick dash-in To the Moon Blow, Scum Gale, or Gigantic Cyclone.

Zoning Style

This style focuses on controlling space and punishing mistakes. Krauser has many good tools for this purpose, but lacks anti air moves with invincibility frames, so any anti air you use is going to be based on prediction rather than reactions. The main tools you will be using for this style will be standing C, Combo 3, Combo 4, Blitzball, Kaiser Claw, Phoenix Counter, Kaiser Wave, and crouching C cancelled into Fake Blitzball. Fake Blitzball and Fake Kaiser Wave can be good for occasionally tricking your opponent into jumping in.

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