Ryo Sakazaki (AOF2)

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Special Moves

Koh-ken - qcf + A

  • Ryo shoots a blast of ki energy from his palm
  • Ryo can perform this move in the air as well. A version shoot downward; B version shoots straight.

Kohon - dp + A

  • Ryo performs an anti-air uppercut

Kyokugenryuu Renbuken - qcb + A

Hienshippu-Kyaku - db, f + A

  • Ryo launches himself forward to deliver a kick attack

Zanretsu-Ken - f, b, f + A

  • Ryo stands still and attacks with multiple punches

Super Moves

Haohshokoken - f, hcf + A

  • Ryo creates a wall of ki energy to attack opponent

Hidden Super Moves

RyuukoRanbu - qcf, hcb + C

  • Ryo rushes to opponet to deliver a barrage attack