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Gameplay Overview


Notable normal: Dash Attack - Sylvie’s Dash Attack, while not reaching all that far, is one of the quick ones. You’ll use this a lot with her when you want to extend what she’s got going on, especially so when you’re closer to the corner.


cl. L:

  • This is your go to move in close quarters, or after an IAD j.H. Since it's +1 on block, you can clip your opponent's jump startup and frame trap your opponents if you do it quickly. The timing is very strict, so you have to get the timing down.

cl. H:

  • It's a typical launcher. Isn't very good for anti-airing because of its limited range. You'll mostly use this move in combos.


Far L:

  • A decently ranged poke. It's 0 on block, so you can throw it out safely when needed. Its low blockstun allows for frame traps like f.L 5S. Far L into Far H is also a natural frame trap.

Far H:


Dash H:


j. L:

j. H:


Forward throw:

  • xxx dmg
  • Causes (soft or hard knockdown)

Back throw:

  • xxx dmg
  • Throws opponent

Air throw:

  • Throws opponent behind



Special Moves

5S - Denki Kaijin

  • Sylvie sends out electricity in an arc toward the ground in front of her. This is decently fast, will cancel standard projectiles, and if it hits a standing opponent, it’ll crumple them, giving you room to follow up with stuff. You can hit this twice in a combo before the game decides to just tell you ‘no’. 50 damage. SP cost: 1 and ½ bars.

Without Spirit:

EX Item:

  • The EX Denki Kaijin reaches out a lot farther than the standard version. It gets 3 hits, and still crumples a standing opponent. Like the regular version, it can only hit an opponent twice during a combo, but only one hit of the second attempt will connect. 90 damage.

2S - Kaiten Coil

  • A reverse somersault kick. This is Sylvie’s anti-air. It gets 2 hits. The recovery of the move isn’t great, so you’re not going to get much without using an item or SP item for some form of lockdown after hitting it. As you’d expect, though, this has some startup invincibility to it. 100 damage. SP cost: 1 bar.

Without Spirit:

EX Item:

  • Sylvie goes much higher with this version of the move. The EX gets 5 hits instead of the usual 3, but the recovery still isn’t great, so again, you’ll need assistance to keep it going for combos. Has invul like the standard version. 150 damage.

4S - Dischar-Jing!

  • Sylvie ejects a spark in front of and above her head. It has a bit of startup behind it, but it’s good for juggles since it recovers quickly as a tradeoff. It also makes for a decent anti-air, if the situation fits. 80 damage. SP cost: 1 bar.

Without Spirit:

EX Item:

  • The EX version of this actually has a slight bit more startup than the normal version, but if it hits, it sends the opponent flying and spinning backwards. It’s pretty easy to follow up on if you’re near a corner, and if you’re not, it’s great for corner carry. 100 damage.

2S - Bootie Bootie

  • Sylvie hops forward, delivering a series of three stomping kicks. The last of the kicks flattens the opponent into a hard knockdown state. Even if the other kicks don’t connect, the last one still flattens them. 80 damage. SP cost: 1 bar.

Without Spirit:

EX Item:

  • The EX version of this does 5 hits instead of 3, and it becomes active much more quickly, with the end result still being the same as the normal version, flattening the opponent in a hard knockdown state. There’s a brief bit of startup invul on this version. 130 damage.

Dream Finish


Paula Experiment

  • Sylvie jumps into the air and discharges electricity around herself. This actually hits on both sides, but if the opponent knows what’s up, they can Guard Cancel roll and come up on the other side blocking the move. A standard roll will get blown up by this, though. For what it’s worth, Sylvie’s also counted as being airborne during the recovery of this move, too, which means that she’ll sit over certain attacks, but that also means the opponent can punish her hard for it. One last note, this move OTGs, so you can follow up Bootie Bootie with this to hurt the opponent quite a bit. 350 damage on its own. SP cost: 4 bars.



  • Sylvie shoots out a bolt of electricity that goes out a couple character lengths. If it hits, she slams her opponent into the ground. This can easily be jumped and air dashed over to avoid it, so like with most other supers, you wanna use this only when you know you can hit it. 350 damage. SP cost: 4 bars.


IAD = Instant Air Dash

cl. = Close (i.e, doing a Light or Heavy normal right next to the opponent)

far. = Far (i.e, doing a Light or Heavy farther away from the opponent)

xx = Means you cancel into the next move immediately (i.e, 2S xx 5D)

~ = Means you press the next command immediately after (i.e, cl.H~2D)

jc. = Jump Cancel

dj. = Double Jump

walk() = This means you walk in the direction in the ()'s create the distance needed for the next move. So walk(4) means walk back, walk(6) means to walk forward.

dash = This means to dash to close distance.

Mid-screen, 1000 health

1: j.H, L,L~5S, cl.H, jc.L, 66H, far.H~4S, 66H, IAD.H, 66H, 5D (475 damage)

2: j.H, L,L,L~5S, far.H~4S, 66H, IAD.L, 66H, cl.H, jc.H, 66H, 5D (489 damage)

3: j.H, L,L,H, 66H, far.H~4S, cl.H, jc.L, 66H, IAD.H, 66H, 6S xx 5D (509 damage)

Mid-screen, 500 health

1: j.H, L,L,H, j.H, cl.H~5S, 66H, IAD.L, 66H, 4S, 66H, 6S xx 5D (504 damage)

2: j.H, L,L,L~5S, far.H~4S, 66H, IAD.L, 66H, IAD.H, 5S, 66H, cl.H, 6S xx 5D (515 damage)

3: j.H, L,L,H, 66H, far.H~4S, 66H, IAD.L, 66H, IAD.H, 66H, cl.H~5S, 66H, 6S xx 5D (551 damage)

Opponent in corner, 1000 health

1: j.H, L,L,L~4S, 66H, cl.H, jc.L, 66H, IAD.H, 66H, 6S xx 5D (495 damage)

2: j.H, L,L,H, cl.H~4S, 66H, dash, IAD.L, 66H, IAD.H, 66H, 6S xx 5D (506 damage)

Opponent in corner, 500 health

1: j.H, L,L,L~5S, walk(6), cl.H, jc.L, 66H, IAD.H, 5S, 66H, 4S, 66H, 6S xx 5D (494 damage)

2: j.H, L,L,H, cl.H~4S, 66H, dash, IAD.L, 66H, IAD.H, 5S, 66H, 6S xx 5D (516 damage)

Corner-to-Corner, 1000 health

1: L,L,L~5S, cl.H, jc.L, 66H, dash, IAD.H, 66H, walk(6), 4S, 66H, 5D (445 damage)

2: L,L,H, IAD.L, 66H, dash, IAD.H, 66H, cl.H~4S, 66H, 5D (449 damage)

Corner-to-Corner, 500 health

1: L,L,L~5S, 4S, 66H, dash, IAD.L, 66H, IAD.H, 5S, 66H, 6S xx 5D (461 damage)

2: L,L,H, IAD.H, 4S, 66H, dash, IAD.L, 66H, cl.H~5S, 66H, 6S xx 5D (489 damage)


SNK Heroines - Sylvie combos by Mikadok


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