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The King of Fighters XIII/Maxima

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Command Moves
=Command Moves=
'''M9 Missile = (df+C)''' 80 damage, cancel-able, hits mid: Maxima ducks down and thrusts his fist up towards the air. It's a bit awkward because it hits at a diagonal angle, but if it hits or becomes blocked, you can cancel it into any special. You can use this as an anti-air as well on full jump players. If you manage to hit someone and you can react to it, a M-14 Blitz Cannon (DP+K) will hit catch for almost 200 damage! In combos, this is usually used to tag extra damage and hits in, but in midscreen, it's hard to connect all the hits if the opponent is too far away or they're crouching to begin with. Be mindful of your spacing when you use this in combos or just go for 2-hit chains. Recovers fast, but terrible to whiff this all the same.
=Special Moves=

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