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The King of Fighters XIII/Maxima

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Special Moves
=Special Moves=
'''M4 Vapor Cannon = (qcb+P): Maxima rears back his fist and thrusts it forward, driving it into his opponent and letting loose pressurized vapor on impact. For each version, Maxima takes a step forward. All versions, on counter hit, wire. Wire means when they are counter hit, they'll get knocked back into the wall and rebound. A version is much faster. C version is slower, but has upper body guardpoint and increased range (steps further)
'''(EX) = qcb+AC: Maxima thrusts his first fist forward and lets loose a second fist to the opponent. This has increased range over the C version and comes out fast. On hit, this will make the opponent wire for a full juggle combo.
- M4 Vapor Cannon has Guard Point properties, especially the C version. The EX version has increased priority and wire damage can be followed up.
* Super-Cancellable
* Hit Detection: High
* Damage: 120; EX Damage: 80, 50117
'''M4 Air Vapor Cannon = qcb+P (air) : Maxima rears back his fist and thrusts it down towards the ground, letting out a pressurized vapor blast on impact. This move, on hit, causes a hard knockdown. It can be comboed into from j.CD, j.A, and hop C respectively. However, it's not safe really close up on block. It's best to do it low to the ground to avoid retaliation or use CD if you know it will be blocked so they have longer blockstun.
'''(EX) = qcb+AC''' in air: Maxima lets loose a vapor cannon that continues on for a short period of time. Depending on the arc of his jump, he'll move forward or backward. While hitting multiple times, it also has guardpoint throughout the duration of the move. When hit, Maxima gets covered in a blue shield that absorbs all the hits that come his way. Things like grabs or proximity unblockable supers (Like Leona's V Slasher) will still hit him. Use it to pressure your opponent when they're knocked down or to try to safely get in the opponent's face. It's safe on block and if someone is hit with it in the corner, Maxima can combo off of it.
* Can't be cancelled
'''M19 Blitz Cannon = (dp+K)''': Maxima activates boosters in his feet to launch himself into the air. If an opponent is caught, Maxima presses his fist to their chest and lets a vapor cannon loose, blasting them down to the floor. This is a nice anti-air, but should be used mostly to finish air juggles. It does not give an opponent meter because it's a throw as well as does a lot of damage. It's the ideal ender to a juggle. It does not trade well with air-to-air interactions and does 0 damage if it does trade.
'''(EX) = dp+BD''': A very surprising EX DP that has guardpoint from start-up. Maxima can also cancel the first hit of the DP into another special move in a super/drive cancel. Will hit off the ground for extra damage and then do the initial amount done in regular Blitz cannon. The only issue is if it whiffs, you're in trouble! Don't fall for high jumps that might cross you up if you try to do it.
- EX version has guard point and additional hit frames on his knee.
'''Maxima Press = (hcb+K)''' : Maxima, once he grabs you, activates his boosters and rushes you to the wall. On impact, he thrusts you into the wall. The B version is a 1-frame command grab while the D version causes Maxima to squat and slowly run towards you till he grabs you. B Maxima press is a great punish for those that don't respect your space on wake-up, after slower moves, or empty hopping into it. D version can be cancelled from normals and almost looks like when Maxima stops running. Creativity is key to mastering how to use these powerful grappler tools. If there was no follow-up, for any version, the opponent goes into a crumple state and falls to the ground slowly. This can set you up for cross up situations and corner pressure. Can't be teched.
'''(EX) = hcb+BD''': EX Maxima press makes Maxima immediately shoot towards the opponent. On block, Maxima cools down and sits right in front. It does cause blockstun, but a proper punish will mean a very, full combo. It has a odd hitbox that can grab people out of the air as well as in the middle of combos where players have a certain hit detection. Players can extend combos for quite some time if given the opportunity.
* Can't be cancelled
* Damage: 80
'''∟Press Plus = (qcb+P''': After impact to the wall, Maxima pins the head of the opponent to the wall and slams his fist into them with brute force. This move is special and super cancellable, but most people will know you can only super cancel safely with regular Press Plus.
'''(EX) = qcb+ACP''': After an EX Maxima press, you can super cancel with this variation of Press Plus or drive cancel. Allows for juggle shenanigans. Very important to know when to add Press Plus for a full combo or to just let them fall into a hard knockdown setup.
- EX version is very fast and hard to jump over. Press Plus can now be Drive and Super Canceled. It's an instant-grab when near opponent unlike the D version which has a start-up animation.
* Hit Detection: High
* Damage: 50, EX Damage: 120
=Desperation Moves=

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