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The King of Fighters XIII/Maxima

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Close Range
===Close Range===
Now, Maxima is at a range where all of his normals are faster and he can apply a different kind of strategy. When you have the opponent close to you, you can put them in a block string like d.A, df+C, qcb+A. Although this is very basic, vapor cannon puts you at a slight frame advantage. You can run in and get in some pokes. You can also cancel into D Maxima press from the df+C to trick people into getting complacent. They'll get run over by his command grab and taken to the wall. Your goal is really to score a hit by making them crack or keep blocking. You can approach from the air and connect with basic combos, anything to get in as Maxima does such huge damage, or keep at them from the ground.
You want to keep them from jumping out or into you. Poking with st.A is great, but a predictable jump can get stuffed and punished for 20% with a well timed df+C. Remember, df+C can be a great poke since up close you can cancel it into vapor cannon. It's actually more ideal because opponents won't have the opportunity to guard roll on the df+C into vapor cannon like they would if you started a guard string.
Once you string a hit in, keep on your opponents. Some of the most amount of damage will come from poking, but a decent 4 hit combo here and there can lead to more meter and more damage. Mix in a low B here and there. It's your only combo-able low, but it's also a fairly good poke if timed into a d.A which would mean more damage.
Once you've conditioned them to block, you can do all kinds of setups to get into a command grab. You can poke them with d.A, run up, and command grab them. You can jump up into a jump CD a few times, hop and do nothing, land and command throw. You can also cancel any of your close normals into D command grab without running up. This is also beneficial because you can cancel your block strings on the fly to just get in. Apply basic grappler footsies with your opponent to get them into your arms. Especially if they're not respecting YOU when you're knocked down. If you're knocked down and they're trying to poke you, grab them or use your EX DP to guard point any meaty pokes.
'''Cornered Opponent'''
When you have someone in the corner, Maxima has a great deal of potential. With full HD, he can do a full combo without spacing or the positioning of an opponent being a factor. Also, in the corner, you can hop in with an EX Vapor Cannon. Two things could happen in this situation. They could not be blocking, tried to DP/reversal, and your guardpoint will eat it or they blocked it. That's great on both ends. If you hit someone with your EX vapor cannon, that's a free HD activation right there or any full combo for big damage.
Other than that, you can keep pressuring your opponent with d.A's into tick throw or Vapor cannon. Keep at them, forcing them to block your safe pressure and you'll eventually make them crack into doing something. That something you should be aware and looking out for. Remember that as Maxima, his blockstring at the df+C is not safe. Vapor cannon is NOT safe on whiff. If someone rolls through it or guard cancel rolled the move before it, you're going to eat anything they throw at you.
This is not a fun experience. Being cornered limits your mobility. Here is where you have to play solid and stop a lot of the opponent's advances and pressure. Any time you score an anti-air, run out of the corner. This is also a matter of not getting baited into doing the obvious answer. A lot of opponents will attack grapplers up closer and think if they jump they'll be safe. That's not the case. If they're close to you, mix up your wake up game with a wake-up df+C. On reaction, you could do qcb+A or C. If it hits, you'll combo with qcb+A. If it doesn't hit, you are still safe and qcb+C has guardpoint for if they were doing a delayed response.
Cover your weaknesses. You are very defenseless to cross ups and lows. The best thing to defend that is blocking them as they come or knocking them out of their pressure with st.A or d.A before their moves come out. Most people will try to jump in or run in, but your normals can save you. Close st.C and st.D can turn you around and autocorrect GP a cross up if timed properly. This puts them in the corner for you to screw with. Wait patiently for proper opportunities and timing to guard point a move and knock them away or to make them think twice about getting in on you.
Remember d.C? Well, that's whiff cancellable. You can do d.C into df+C to trick people into jumping over the d.C to get hit with the df+C. Close up, it still will link. You can also just cancel d.C into vapor cannon. Getting them to back up and give you room to play with is the mission of the day when you're in the corner. But of course, if they screw up and provide something for you to punish with with your command grab, use it. The situation is now reversed.
===With No Meter/No Drive===

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