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The King of Fighters XIII/Maxima

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Close Range
'''Cornered Opponent'''
When you have someone in the corner, Maxima has a great deal of potential. With full HD, he can do a full combo without spacing or the positioning of an opponent being a factor. Also, in the corner, you can hop in with an EX Vapor Cannon. Two things could happen in this situation. They could not be blocking, tried to DP/reversal, and your guardpoint will eat it or they blocked it. That's great on both ends. If you hit someone with your EX vapor cannon, that's a free HD activation right there or any full combo for big damage.
This is not a fun experience. Being cornered limits your mobility. Here is where you have to play solid and stop a lot of the opponent's advances and pressure. Any time you score an anti-air, run out of the corner. This is also a matter of not getting baited into doing the obvious answer. A lot of opponents will attack grapplers up closer and think if they jump they'll be safe. That's not the case. If they're close to you, mix up your wake up game with a wake-up df+C. On reaction, you could do qcb+A or C. If it hits, you'll combo with qcb+A. If it doesn't hit, you are still safe and qcb+C has guardpoint for if they were doing a delayed response.

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