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The King of Fighters XIII/Maxima

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With 1+ Meter/No Drive
===With 1+ Meter/No Drive===
With 1 meter, your baseline damage has practically doubled. An EX Vapor cannon in your full combo can guarantee and extra 200+ damage from follow ups. Maxima doesn't particularly need stock or HD mode to be threatening. If you want to punish someone or feel like their hop CD is too good to deal with, you can use your EX DP to grab them out of it or let 2 bars rip to unload your EX DM on them as they're in mid air. The move is fast and deals such ridiculous damage.
Your regular DM becomes a good reversal tool when someone moves in on you. Remember though that it's slow and not very good if they're fishing for you to do it. You can use EX Maxima press to get in from afar and punish moves that generally aren't safe from a distance like Robert's flying kick on block.
When you're trying to jump in, you can use that meter now to use EX Vapor Cannon to get in. In the corner, if someone tried to dp, you can time df+C properly to hit them 3 times with it! You can finish that combo for a dp+k for a cool 300-400 damage off of one bar!
===With No Meter/50%-100% Drive===

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