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The King of Fighters XIII/Maxima

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With 1+ Meter/50%-100% Drive
===With 1+ Meter/50%-100% Drive===
This is where Maxima is the most deadly. If you've got the opportunity and hit your opponent, throttle them for everything they've got. You could go for EX Maxima press combos and drive cancel into df+C for good damage. You could do even better by hitting a combo and super canceling into his DM or EX DM. With his normals doing such huge amounts of damage in one or two hits, we're talking killer amounts of damage. You could score up to 700 damage for 3 stock and 1 drive in the corner using hop C into EX Air Vapor cannon, land into a normal combo and finish with an [SC] EX Double Vapor Cannon DM.
The amount of damage he does in super cancel combos is ridiculous, but the real crazy damage is what happens when you land his neomax or HD. From far away, your Neomax is your only full screen punish, but it will HURT if someone gets hit. If you want to just pop it, activate HD and go in on them. A lot of your far normals are special cancellable in HD so that makes them more safe on block. You can also pop it if they jump in for 2 stock bars and all your HD instead of 3.
In the event you have the opportunity to do an HD combo, the spacing is a bit tight and hard to time. However, it can kill players for as easy as 3 bars. It will 100% them guaranteed for 4 bars. Use st.D if you can, but any HD combo can be done with your usual starters like st.C (1), df+C or d.A, df+C.
===Best Team Position?===

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