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The King of Fighters XIII/Maxima

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Now, for Maxima, he has 6 normal moves with guardpoint. Those are st.C and st.D (Close), st.C and st. D (far), d.C, and CD (Blowback). His C vapor cannon has guard point on start-up. EX Air Vapor Cannon has 360 degree guardpoint as well as his EX M19 Blitz Cannon (dp+BD). His regular DM , Double Vapor Cannon, has 360 degree guardpoint surrounding him during the start-up of his move. Except for his lower body, above and behind him is covered by guardpoint. Learning when and how to use guardpoint is a very important aspect. For example, only 1 Although no normal move (d.C) can moves guardpoint lows, EX Air Vapor cannon nd EX M19 blitz cannon will absorb low moveshits for big damage. Far D and close D can guardpoint mid area moves like fat fireballs. Far D can guardpoint multi-hit moves like Joe's Screw Upper or Ash's Thermidor as well as C Vapor Cannon. st.C (Far or Close) can stop jump-ins and can hit confirm into DMs. Down C is a very good guardpoint tool for low to the ground moves like Terry's Power Wave. It's also so low to the ground that you can use it as a guardpoint for jump-ins while crouch blocking or confirming on hit from a grounded guardpoint. You can guardpoint attack grabs like Kyo's Kototsuki You (hcb+k) and Leona's V-Slasher, any move that requires a hit. You can't guardpoint grabs like LeonaClark's V Slasher DM Super Argentine Backbreaker or Vice's Splash.

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