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The King of Fighters XIII/Maxima

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'''d. C:''' 100 damage, cancel-able, hits mid: SAFE! Maxima chops at the knees of an opponent, looking like an umpire in a baseball game. This move is the only move Maxima has that guardpoints lowsfrom crouching. It's very slow start-up and guardpoints one hit, but the utility for it to cover his Achilles' heel is the main reason why it's good to use it. By itself, it can cancel into everything and has a pretty decent amount of range. Aside from being special and super cancellable, it's also whiff cancellable. You can immediately cancel this into vapor cannon or even a command normal like df+C. You can make people afraid to get in or twitch by using moves that whiff cancel. This is also faster start up for that strategy than st.CD.

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