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The King of Fighters XIII/Maxima

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Mid Range
At midrange, you're within reach of hitting someone with Vapor cannon or hop range. Here you can play two different ways. You can be aggressive and throw out a vapor cannon to induce blockstun. Rather than that, you can hop in and pressure them with overheads. Although Maxima's air to ground game is terrible because of how little hitsun the moves cause, you can still do some serious damage as they do 80. You can be the aggressor by jumping in at your opponent with CDs as well. If it hits, you can knock them away and get into close range. If you don't hit them or they block, you're pretty safe. On block, you can keep up the hop pressure until you're ready to let them have it.
However, you can also be a bit more defensive. This is also the range where people like to hop or throw out some of their forward moving specials. Maxima can be an impregnable wall; standing stock still while deflecting off any attacks. Opponents that full jump could meet a st.A anti-air or a d.A stop gap between their ground pressure. Not only that, far C guard point will stop air attacks and d.C will stop pressure a little bitbecause of its far range and long active frames. You don't want to rely too heavily on d.C your normals to stop lowslow pressure. Blocking is usually the best answer, but at this range, most lows are nothing to worry about. You want to be reactive, looking to answer moves with the best possible solution. Knowing when to do df+C or when to use your guardpoint to defend yourself will define if you're a competent defensive Maxima.
Be sure to remember that at any time, you can cancel those guardpoints into something else. A st.C guardpoint could turn into a D version Maxima press, something an opponent won't know how to respond to in this situation. If you find you've knocked people out of the air or are at the proper spacing, throw out his sweep. It's very long range and allows you to trip people up on their wake up or as they're falling from a reset. It gives you that ample amount of time to get in. His sweep is a great, yet slow poke. Don't use it unless you're guaranteed they can't hop over it for a punish (like if they're already standing up).
Although a bit scrubby, you can try to get your opponent to press some buttons and respond with an EX move. EX Vapor Cannon has some pretty far range and it allows you the opportunity to wire damage for big offensive gains. The EX Maxima Press is very fast and opponents that aren't blocking at the right time or try to respond will often get snatched up. Some aren't even ready for the punish so it's important to get in a st.C so that it might beat out their delayed response or you to guardpoint it in time.
===Close Range===

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