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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Mai Shiranui

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==Command Moves==
'''Black Swallow Dance''' - (f+B)
* Overhead, slow but good range. It beats out lows, and can be linked to crouching A or crouching C for more damage. It can even catch people off guard in frametraps in some given instances.
'''Kachou Sen''' - (qcf+A/C)
* Mai hurls her fan toward an opponent and reveals a hidden fan to replace the previously thrown.
* Her projectile can be used for not only zoning, but for okizeme as well. When timing her soft knock downs correctly, Mai can place her light punch fan right on top of the opponent and get in with her df+B or long range air normals to get in easily and damage.
* Mai can utilize all air command moves
* Flying Squirrel Dance can be performed without Triangle jump
* This move helps compliment her air dominance, catching people trying to play Mai in the air or for very confusing and scary pressure.
'''Peach Blossom Bounce''' - (d+D) in air
* Mai snatches an opponent by thier their neck with her thighs and drops to the ground
* Must perform Triangle jump
* If the opponent is blocking Ukihane will Substitute
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