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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Heidern

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==Special Moves==
'''Cross Cutter''' - (Charge b~f + A/C)
*Heidern crosses his hands sending out two crescents of energy *hits Hits mid allowing it to be block crouching or standing *both Both versions cause soft knockdown on hit  *the The projectile will completely whiff on crouching smaller characters like Bao, Chin, and Choi *A version is slower to start and moves across the screen at a slower pace *during During A version Heidern recovers fast enough at 3/4 screen to begin following the projectile toward the opponent *A version becomes safe on block about 1.5 characters away, but is negative on block point blank  *C version travels faster across the screen *C version only becomes safe on block at 1/2 screen *great Great move for Heidern to control space with and plan his attack. The hurtbox hitbox of the move is certainly not as big as the projectile looks as it can be jumped over and even hopped if timed right.
'''Moon Slasher''' - (Charge d~u + A/C)
*General Heidern cuts his hand through the air creating a cresent crescent of energy around himself *hits Hits mid allowing it to be blocked high or low *both Both versions cause soft knockdown *does Does not have any start-up invincibility *C version outputs more damage and starts-up faster, while the A version does less damage but has a bit less recovery
'''Neck Rolling''' - (Charge d~u + B/D)
* Heidern slowly flips towards the opponent, grabs them, then swings horizontally around their neck like a helicopter propeller.
* The opponent lands at the other end of the screen
* Does not have any invincibility. Heidern can be easily attacked out of this move.
* Counts as a moving command throw that cannot be blocked. He can throw only grounded opponents, and opponents while they are rolling. He cannot throw jumping opponents.
'''Storm Bringer''' - (hcb + A/C close)
* Heidern grabs the opponents mid-section then removes the energy from them. The opponent lands 3/4ths screen distance away from Heidern.
* Counts as a delayed command throw. Has no invincibility.
* Can be mashed out of. The Heidern player can counter act that by mashing buttons as well to get the maximum amount of damage.
* Hard knockdown
'''Killing Bringer''' - (hcb + B/D)
* Heidern poses then counters the opponent's attack. The impales the opponent with his hand to steal life from them.
* Heidern can only counter standing or jumping attacks that hit in front or around of his hand during the pose animation. He cannot counter attacks that hit above or around his head, and he cannot counter low attacks.
* Heidern can gain back around 50 damage points, while the inflicting around 110 damage to the opponent if both players do not mash any buttons or if they mash buttons together. If the Heidern player mashes buttons and the opponent does not mash, Heidern receives 90 damage, and the opponent loses around 160 damage.
* This counter has rather slow start-up but is active for a considerable amount of time.
==Desperation Moves==
Final Bringer - qcf x 2 + A/C
Heidern End '''Final Bringer''' - qcb hcf (qcf x 2 + BA/DC) * This is a stronger version of his '''Neck Roller''' special move. Unlike the special move version, this DM can be blocked but can hit jumping opponents. * If blocked, Heidern can be punished while he is landing.
* Heidern gains around 150 damage while the opponent loses around 180 damage.
'''Heidern End''' - (qcb hcf + B/D)
* Heidern rushes slightly towards the opponent then stabs them with his hand. A second later, the opponent is blasted away then lands at the corner of the screen.
* The light kick version travels 1/4th screen distance while the heavy kick version travels close to a half screen distance.
* Heidern can be attacked out of his move before he reaches the opponent. It is also unsafe if blocked, and has long recovery if whiffed.
==Super Desperation Moves==
Final Bringer - qcf x 2 + AC
'''Final Bringer''' - (qcf x 2 + A+C) * A stronger version of the DM version. * Heidern gains around around 140 damage, while the opponent loses 320 damage. * Hard knockdown '''Heidern End ''' - (qcb ~hcf + BDB+D) * A much stronger version of the DM version. * Has the same horizontal distance as the light kick version of the DM version. * Inflicts around 330 damage
* Hard knockdown
==Hidden Super Desperation Move==
Caliburn - qcf x 2 + BD
'''Caliburn''' - qcf x 2 + BD
* This HSDM has two versions depending on the distance away from the opponent.
* ''Far version:'' Heidern performs the close C (heavy punch) animation to unleash a high wave of energy towards the opponent. On hit, it can inflict around 190-200 damage depending on the distance. If blocked, the chip damage can be around 100 damage. The opponent can roll but they will get hit at the end of their roll. The opponent can only Guard Cancel Roll during the last hit of the energy wave.
* ''Close version:'' This is an UNBLOCKABLE ATTACK. Heidern picks the opponent up (with the animation of close heavy punch) then blasts the opponent away dealing 350 damage. Causes a hard knockdown
'''0 Stock'''
*cl.B/cr.A, hcb+P/qcfx2+AC (corner)
*cr.A×1~2, d~u+C
 '''1 Stock'''*cl.C (2), b/f+B (1), qcb hcf+BDK/qcfx2+P (corner) '''3 Stock'''*cl.C (2), b/f+B (1), d~u+P (doesn't work on everyone)*j.C (cross-up), st.C (2), b/f+B, d~u+C, (SC) qcb hcf+K/BD*cr.C, d~u+C, (SC) qcb hcf+BD/qcfx2+AC (corner)
*(corner) cl.C (1),(BC) cl.C (2), b/f+B (1), [d~u+A, (DC) b~f+C]×2, combo ender
====Training Mode Videos====
>copy and paste here, httpHeidern Master Class{{#ev://|_P_h_arPe3o}}
==Discussion Threads==

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