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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Shingo Yabuki

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Special Moves
* Very unsafe if blocked. The opponent can actually hit Shingo before the second hit while blocking.
'''Shingo Kick''' - (hcf + B/D)
* Shingo shows off his version of Kyo's rdp+K. Can evade low hits and/or low aiming attacks and projectiles. The light kick version travels 1/2 screen distance, while the heavy kick version goes 3/4 distance and inflicts a bit more damage. Both versions can combo easily from close C or close D or f+B.
* An overhead elbow strike that causes a hard knockdown. The opponent lands right at Shingo's feet where it's easy to follow up with a hop B cross-up, empty jump low, dp+K command throw, normal throw or which ever okizeme/wake up option you want. Can't combo into it because Shingo's normals push him back a bit, and it's start up isn't very fast. It is punishable however but you need something very fast with long range that can reach him while he's recovering (like Terry's qcfx2+K DM or Yashiro's qcfx2+P DM).
* If the opponent hits Shingo during the start-up of this move, it will activate a counter attack that will knock the opponent away, causing a hard knockdown. Only ground normals and command attacks that aim above Shingo's knees will be countered.
* Hard knockdown

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