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The King of Fighters XIV/Chang Koehan

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cl. C: Much slower than a traditional close C, but hits overhead and inflicts a hard knockdown. Unsafe on block, but can be whiff-cancelled to ball cancel for a feint that's safe on block.
Close cl. D: Fun to look at, but not very useful, because it's neither MAX-cancellable nor low-invulnerable. Not that great of an anti-air, either. Avoid using this move.
Crouching cr. A: Special-cancellable, but doesn't chain to/from other normals(?).
Crouching cr. B: Chang's fastest low. Special-cancellable, but doesn't chain to/from other A/B normals.
Crouching cr. C: Chang's more rewarding C ground normal. Has very short horizontal range, but starts a juggle combo on air hit. Can be MAX-cancelled, special-cancelled, or super-cancelled(?) to collect a combo afterwards. Its only limitation is its slow startup speed, making it easy to safe-jump with low jump attacks.
Crouching cr. D: A slow sweep with decent reach. Useful not just for the knockdown, but because it is special-cancellable to ball cancel for a safe(?) blockstring. Can chain to df+A as well for an unsafe double low string.
Jump j. A: A good defensive air-to-air, fast and active with great reach. If the opponent is too close to use j.C or j.CD without being interrupted, this is the air-to-air you use.
Jump j. B
Jump j. C: One of Chang's core zoning tools. Not very fast, but is faster than j.CD with only slightly less range, and is an overhead. Very useful from a backwards low jump against an opponent you are convinced will stay on the ground.
Jump j. D: Slow, but reaches farther downward than any of Chang's other jump normals. Use this move in the rare cases when you are low jumping at an opponent close by.
Stand st. CD: Chang's gigantic gut is a pretty good zoning tool. Reasonably fast by Chang standards, minus on block, but special-cancellable to ball cancel or b~f+P for a blockstring (unsafe to guard cancel roll? probably). The hard knockdown from the wallstick is always useful, even if Chang is too far away to combo.
Jumping j. CD: Another core zoning tool for Chang. Though j.CD is Chang's slowest jumping attack, its enormous range gives him the ability to poke safely (if uninterrupted) at his opponent from far away. Smart use of this move, combined with pressure gaps and careful movement, is the core of Chang's gameplay.

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