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The King of Fighters XIV/Kim Kaphwan

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Special Moves
=Special Moves=
'''Notation KeyHangetsuzan'''- (qcb+B/D)* Kim does a flip kick on the ground. Soft knockdown on hit. (*) = Both versions are punishable, D version is used for a few combos. '''EX OK:''' Safe and really fast, but vulnerable in startup.
'''Air Hangetsuzan''' - (!air qcb+B/D) = MAX OK* Kim does a flip kick in the air. Both versions hit mid.* B version gives soft knockdown and will combo after ff+A if they are grounded. * D version gives hard knockdown and will combo after ff+A if they are in a juggle state (like after qcfx2+B/D).'''EX:''' This version will do up to 2 hits and leaves them in the air for a possible combo follow-up. Probably no longer has invuln (needs further testing).
'''Hienzan''' - (charge down up + B/D)
* A reversal "flash kick".
* B version has no invuln and hits once, but recovers quicker. Can be used as an anti-air. Soft knockdown on hit.
* D version has a few invuln frames on startup, and hits up to 3 times.
'''EX:''' Like the D version, but the followup is done automatically, and has more invuln and faster startup. Also does more damage.
:'''Hienzan (Followup)[Hienzan D]''' - (down + D)
:* Kim can do a followup to the D version that gives hard knockdown. You can safe jump with this by hopping forward immediately.
'''Hishou Kyaku''' - (air qcf+B/D)
* After a short delay Kim will do a divekick. If it connects, Kim bounces off their head.
* It's possible to use j.D after the bounce.
* B version has a steeper fall than D version.
'''EX:''' This version excludes the bounce for a possible combo followup upon landing. (i.e. Hienzan)
=Super Special Moves=

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