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The King of Fighters XIV/Maxima

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Special Moves
'''M-4 Vapor Cannon''' - (qcb + A/C)
* Maxima slams his fist forward with a Vapor powered punch.
* Light version is fast, while Heavy version has auto-guard.
* You can vapor cannon punch projectiles.
'''EX:''' Is fast, hits twice and has auto-guard. Will wall-bounce on hit for possible follow-up.
'''Air M-4 Vapor Cannon''' in air (qcb + A/C)
* Maxima does the vapor cannon punch, but in the air.
* It's slow, negative and keeps Maxima in the air, but combos from j.A on hit for a hard knockdown.
'''EX:''' Has full auto-guard and Maxima will land earlier so it's safe.
'''M-19 Blitz Cannon''' (dp + B/D)
* Maxima rockets into the air for an anti-air grab.
* Will hard knockdown on hit.
'''EX:''' Has full auto-guard on startup.
'''Maxima Press''' hcb + B/D
* A deadly command grab that rockets the opponent into the corner. * Can be super cancelled. * Light version is a 1 frame command grab, while Heavy version is a slow run grab. * Always use the light version if possible.'''EX:''' This version loses the command grab property, but is a fast hit grab that can easily be comboed into.
::'''Maxima Press (follow up)''' (qcb + A/C)
::* Maxima performs a Vapor Cannon after slamming them into the wall.
::* If you use this followup, you cannot super cancel.
=Super Special Moves=

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