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The King of Fighters XIV/Vice

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'''Air Confirms'''
It can be an important aspect of Vice's pressure game to make sure you punish the opponent's aerial approach hard. To that end, Vice has three powerful and unique options at her disposal: The air super, Overkill, Counterhit j.CD, and EX Deicide (i.e. the sleeve). Both Overkill and EX Deicide have a property known as ''Anywhere Juggle''. When an opponent is hit in the air by a normal, they are put into a non-hittable state until they touch the ground. ''Anywhere Juggle'' ignores this state and allows additional followup.
* CH j.CD can be described simply: If you counter something, combo into the B version of Deicide. You get close to 200 damage, and a hard knockdown with Gorefest that provides ample time to mixup.
* Overkill is used to follow-up air-to-air hits. If you connect a any non-CD air normal on another aerial opponent, as soon as you land input Overkill to jump back in and catch them before they land. It can also be used after anti-air st.A or st.B. Other anti-airs have too much recovery and require the use of another trick:
* EX Deicide. Although this is the trickiest one to use, it is also the most rewarding. If you are in Max mode, all you have to do is catch them with an anti-air (or air-to-air in some cases), and cancel into EX Deicide before they land. Using it outside of max however is a bit trickier. To use outside of max, you need to cancel your anti-air with max mode activation, while also buffering the EX Deicide input. What you do after depends on where you hit the opponent. If you hit them high up, hold back when you activate max, wait a hair, then use EX Deicide. If you hit them lower, just use it immediately. It'll take some practice, but trust me in saying this is what makes Vice a dangerous character.

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