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The King of Fighters XIV/Xanadu

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Special Moves
'''EX:''' More damaging. Incredibly unsafe on block. Xanadu travels full-screen length. Armor, but not on first frame.
'''The Rapture''' - (qcf + A/C)
* Xanadu jumps up and whirls his arms like a windmill a number of times. This is essentially his DP (dragon punch). Has invulnerability.
* Light punch (A) version: 85 damage. Xanadu swipes 3 times, 30 damage each before scaling. He jumps about 20% of the screen. Combos from lights & has little horizontal range.
* Heavy punch (C) version: 123 damage. Xanadu swipes 3 times, 40 damage on each hit with 50 on the last before scaling. He jumps about 40% of the screen. More invuln than A version & has slightly more start up time.
'''EX:''' Xanadu swipes 3 times, 60 damage on each hit before scaling. Has more invulnerability than the normal version. Xanadu also has a hitbox when he hits the ground again with this version (that hits low & doesn't combo), dealing 60 damage, but this won't connect if the first part of The Rapture connects.
=Super Special Moves=
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