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The King of Fighters XIV/Verse

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Special Moves
'''Hate Knuckle''' - (qcb + A/C)
* (description here)Verse walks forward, sending a series of fists a short distance in front of him. Verse's walk starts instantly, but the fists don't start for a little bit after. The fists stop certain projectiles. * This special is super cancellable after a fist hits. Be careful on the timing.* A version does 111 dmg, 6 hits, and has the fastest start up. C version is a bit slower and safer'''EX:''' (description here)175 damage. 10 hits, 20 damage each before scaling. Safe on block and quick start up.
'''Stray Hand''' - (qcf + A/C)
* (description here)Verse's fireball. He shoots a fiery hand forward. It moves decently fast, and gives soft knockdown on hit. *Both A and C version do 60 dmg. A version is higher and flies over crouchers, while C version is lower but a bit slower'''EX:''' (description here)2 hits, 65 each. This version shoots the high fist followed by the low one.
'''Stray Scaffold''' - (hcb + B/D)
* (description here)Verse sends both hands out to capture the opponent. The opponent is pulled into a bubble that is moved a short distance toward Verse. The opponent is considered airborne during this time. * Considered a command grab and will hit roughly 3/4th of the screen. Very useful for resets and catching opponents shaking in their boots.* It has meaty active frames and can be used to catch jumpers at a distance.'''EX:''' (description here)This version is much faster, which allows it to be comboed into
'''Darkness Collision''' - (dpb + A/C)
* (description here)Verse's "DP". He brings a fiery fist down in front of him, giving his opponent a hard knockdown if it connects.* This can be used for spacing and anti-air, since it has a tall hitbox, is mostly unpunishable and super cancels for extra damage.*A version does 78 damage and 2 hits, C version a bit more damage but is slower and more negative on block.'''EX:''' (description here)151 damage. 3 hits, 40 on the first hit and 60 on the last two before scaling. Verse steps forward a bit for the first attack and it hits low, but if blocked, can be countered by most jabs before the second and third hits arrive. Opponent bounces a bit allowing for combo followup.
'''Dark Quanta''' - (d + AC)
* (description here)'''EX:''' (description here)Verse has a teleport. Depending on what direction you hold, forward or backward, Verse moves in that direction. You can also not choose a direction and simply stay invulnerable for a short while. This move does have a bit of startup and recovery, but can be used to pass through projectiles or chase after a ground tech.
:'''Forward''' - ( f )
:'''Backward''' - ( b )

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