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The King of Fighters XIV/Verse

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Special Moves
* This can be used for spacing and anti-air, since it has a tall hitbox, is mostly unpunishable and super cancels for extra damage.
*A version does 78 damage and 2 hits, C version a bit more damage but is slower and more negative on block.
* If used at the tip of st.A's range, when only the last hit connects on a grounded opponent, This move will cause crumple instead of hard knockdown, allowing for much more damaging combos.
'''EX:''' 151 damage. 3 hits, 40 on the first hit and 60 on the last two before scaling. Verse steps forward a bit for the first attack and it hits low, but if blocked, can be countered by most jabs before the second and third hits arrive. Opponent bounces a bit allowing for combo followup.

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