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The King of Fighters XIV/Choi Bounge

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* st. A: Choi horizontally stabs the opponent. Best used as a poke. Neutral on block.
* st. B: Choi quickly performs a short ranged round kick. Neutral on block.
* st. C: Choi quickly swings down both of his claws. Pushes Choi back far if blocked.
* st. D: Choi throws out a donkey kick. Best used as a poke, but has slow recovery.
* cl. A: Choi throws out a quick, close, slash that is special cancel-able.
* cl. B: This kick reaches above Choi's head. It does not have much vertical height and is not special cancel-able.
* cl. C: Choi performs a double armed slashing uppercut. Does not have much activation range. Special cancel-able.
* cl. D: Choi knees the opponent. Inflicts a bit more damage that cl. C. Special cancel-able.
* cr. A: This quick uppercut can stop opponents from hopping over Choi. Can be chained into itself, and Choi's other standing & crouching light normals. Special cancel-able.
* cr. B: This will be your low combo starter. Not special cancel-able but can chain easily into his other standing and crouching light normals.
* cr. C: This stab has a long horizontal range. Best used as a poke.
* cr. D: This sweep has more range than cr. B but is not cancel-able.
* j. A: This horizontal, quick stab can be used as an early anti-air or as an air-to-air poke. Can whiff on some crouching characters if performed too early.
* j. B: This short knee attack can be used as a cross-up or as a jump-in attack.
* j. C: This flipping slash can hit 3 times depending on the height of the jump and if the opponent is standing and can cross-up easily. Can cancel into his j.down+B
* Neutral j. C: Choi spins around once while slashing. Can be used as an air-to-air but isn't fast enough against some characters j. CD's. * j. D: This horizontal kick can be used as an air-to-air but it isn't as fast as j. A.
* st. CD: This double legged donkey kick can used to preemptively stop incoming hops and can be whiff cancelled. Can combo into charge b~f+K if the opponent is hit mid-screen and briefly after the opponent hits the wall.
* j. CD: This diagonally downward angle drop kick can be used as an air-to-ground attack and can be used while jumping away to stop incoming jump-in attacks.
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