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Robert Garcia (XIV)

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Super Special Moves
=Super Special Moves=
'''Haoh Shoukou Ken ''' - (f,hcf + A/C)
* Robert hurls a giant fireball towards the opponent
* Light punch version (A) travels slower than the heavy punch version (C). The A version is best to punish badly spaced rolls and super jumps, while the C version is best to overrides characters' projectiles, and punish special moves during recovery at a distance.
* Poor recovery if missed
* Hard knockdown
'''Max:''' Faster, hits 5 times, more damaging, hard knockdown
'''Ryuuko Ranbu''' - (qcf~hcb + A/C)
* Robert rushes the opponent with a flurry of punches and kicks, that ends in a flying kick.
* Best used as a combo finisher or to punish the opponents whiffed or blocked special or super special moves that have poor recovery
* Unsafe if blocked or whiffed.
* Hard knockdown
'''MAX:''' Faster start-up, more damaging & has a good amount invincibility throughout
=Climax Super Special Moves=

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