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The King of Fighters XIV/Hein

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Command Moves
=Command Moves=
'''Bayonet''' - (f+A)
Command Normal. Combo filler. Will combo from his heavies and does enough hitstun to combo into most of his specials/supers. Range is quite short though, so tends to whiff depending on Hein's spacing/the amount of hits you add to a combo. 10 frame start up and is even on block. If canceled into, it loses a frame of start up but becomes -2 on block.
'''Blunder''' - (f+B)
Overhead. You can cancel into it from his normals, but it will not combo. Causes Hein to become airborne, so you can only cancel it into Bishop (qcb+B/D in air). Useful in corner combos/pressure. 22 frame start up but safe on block at -1.
=Special Moves=

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