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The King of Fighters XIV/Xanadu

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Special Moves
'''EX:''' Xanadu swipes 3 times, 60 damage on each hit before scaling. Has more invulnerability than the normal version. Xanadu also has a hitbox when he hits the ground again with this version (that hits low & doesn't combo), dealing 60 damage, but this won't connect if the first part of The Rapture connects.
'''The Pleasure''' - (hcb + B/D)
* Xanadu charges forward to full screen and scoops up his opponent, cradling them before crushing them and throwing them to the floor. This is a silly command grab and you can't combo into it.
* Running command grab
* Both versions have the same damage output (130) and travels 3/4th screen distance towards the opponent
'''EX:''' This version has autoguard and actually grabs fullscreen, whereas light kick and heavy kick versions don't actually grab at fullscreen.
'''The Rage''' - (qcf + B/D)
* Xanadu roars at his opponent, dealing a series of hits depending on how close he is to the opponent. This is a big hitbox, rather than a projectile. This move has a moderately long startup, so it can't be comboed into, but is plus on block with every version.
* Light kick version: 66 damage. 5 hits at 15 damage per hit before scaling.
* Heavy kick version: 87 damage. 7 hits at 14 damage per hit before scaling.
'''EX:''' 113 damage. 10 hits at 15 damage per hit before scaling. This version has a fast startup and an extra bit goes beyond the initial shout. But doesn't connect if the initial shout connects. Deals a good amount of guard damage.
=Super Special Moves=
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