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The King of Fighters XIV/Xanadu

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3 meters
==3 meters==
* Cl.C, f+A xx qcb+C (place 1 hit) [SC] qcf,qcf+D (3 hits) [SC] qcf,qcf+AC = (542 DMG)Advance cancel punish combo here ===Max Mode=== * Cl.C, f+A [BC] cl.C, f+A xx qcb+A (1 hit) [SC] hcb,hcb+BD = (place 535 DMG)Max mode into climax, less damage amount herethan above but his climax looks cool enough to do this one instead. * Cr.A, cr.A, s.B [BC] Cl.C, f+A xx qcb+A (1 hit) [SC] hcb,hcb+BD = (461 DMG)(place Max mode combo description here)into climax from cr.A.
==4 meters==
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