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The King of Fighters XIV/Xanadu

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'''The Pleasure''' - (hcb + B/D)
* Xanadu charges forward to full screen and scoops up his opponent, cradling them before crushing them and throwing them to the floor. This is a silly command grab and you can't combo into it.
* Running command grab
* Both versions have the same damage output (130) and travels 3/4th screen distance towards the opponent
* Landing it will net you a safe jump.
'''EX:''' This version has autoguard and actually grabs fullscreen, whereas light kick and heavy kick versions don't actually grab at fullscreen.
'''The Rage''' - (qcf + B/D)
* Xanadu roars at his opponent, dealing a series of hits depending on how close he is to the opponent. This is a big hitbox, rather than a projectile. This move has a moderately long startup, so it can't only be comboed intofrom a standing CD near the corner, but is plus on block with every version. A natural frametrap after a far B, and in the corner you can follow up with qcf+P or qcf,qcf+P to juggle.
* Can juggle the opponent if hit in the corner.
* (any special information about the character combos if needed)
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===Rush Auto Combo===
'''Meterless:''' Xanadu punches the opponent 3 times and ends with The Sorrow for a hard knockdown. 152 damage.
'''1 Meter:''' Xanadu punches the opponent 3 times and ends with his The Distress super for a hard knockdown. 218 damage.
'''EX:''' Xanadu punches the opponent 3 times and ends with his EX The Distress super for a hard knockdown, has to be started in Max mode. 353 damage.
==0 meter==
===Max Mode===
 * cr.A, cr.A, s.B [BC] cl.CD (2 hits) xx qcb+AC, cr.D xx f+A xx qcb+AC A = (264 283 DMG)Max mode cancel combo from cr.A. If you confirm they aren’t crouchingGives a hard knockdown, works at any team position. * cr.A, cr.A, s.B [BC] cl.D (2 hits) xx qcb+AC, cr.D xx f+A xx qcf+BD, this qcb+A = (303 DMG)Corner-only max mode combo. The timing is max damagea bit odd; you have to do the cr. If they are crouching, omit D very slightly late in order to get the fqcb+Ato connect at the end. Gives a hard knockdown, works at any team position. Hop D gives a safejump afterwards.
==2 meters==
* cr.A, cr.A, s.B [BC] cl.C, f+A xx qcb+C (2 hits) [SC] qcf,qcf+AC = (401 DMG)
Again, omit the f+A if you confirm they are crouching.
* cr.A, cr.A, s.B [BC] cl.D (2 hits) xx qcb+AC, cr.D xx qcf,qcf+BD = (426 DMG)
Mid-screen max mode super combo, knocks them a fair distance away. Holding uf to jump immediately after, then hyper-hop D after landing gives you a 4f safejump if they were close to the corner.
==3 meters==
All of his supers, his command grab and his qcb+P special give hard knockdowns. An easy and effective mixup after landing qcb+P is to full jump D after a slight delay, which crosses up and combos into cr.A. If you hop, you’ll land in front instead. The hop is also a safe-jump on most of the cast if timed correctly, and the full jump crossup is a safe jump on characters with very slow reversals. Meaty shout is also a very good option after a hard knockdown to gain a ton of frame advantage and go for another mixup.
==Frame Data==
[ Xanadu KOFXIV Frama Data Link]
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