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The King of Fighters XIV/Benimaru Nikaido

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=Gameplay Overview=
Benimaru Nikaido is one of the fan favorites from the original roster all the way from KOF94. In this game he is definitely one of the best characters with almost every tool at his disposal. The only important move he lost from previous games was the reversal kick. Despite that loss he can still be played in various different ways ranging from keepaway to rushdown. Due to his good damage and versatility he fits any slot in the team.
+ Awesome set of moves both normal and special
+ Raijinken being probably the most buff version of itself ever, covering jumps and ground approaches at the same time, while building meter
+ j.D is king
+ Versatile gameplay that supports both defense and offense
+ Fits any team composition
+ Fast meter build
+ Command grab
- No proper reversal move without meter
- No proper projectile without MAX
- Fast standing pokes (st.A, st.B, st.C) whiff on crouchers
* cr. Bx2, st. B [BC] cl. D, qcf+A+C, qcb+A, qcfx2+K = (445 DMG) {1000 Max Mode}
* cr. Bx2, st. B [BC] cl. D, qcf+A+C (run), f+B, qcb+A, qcfx2+P = (453 DMG) {1000 Max Mode}
* cr. Bx2, st. B [BC] cl. D, qcf+A+C (wait), f+B, qcb+C, qcf+A, qcfx2+P = (485 DMG) {1000 Max Mode)
* cr. Bx2, st. B [BC] cl. D, qcf+A+C, f+B, qcb+A+C, qcfx2+K (460 DMG) {1250 Max Mode}
(start with a jump-in attack with a heavy normal for more damage)
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