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The Last Blade 2/Hibiki Takane

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Hibiki in general is the type of character who uses her long reaching normals to control space, if you've played [[Samurai Shodown VI|Samurai Shodown]] she is basically a female Ukyo Tachibana, and her B buttons are also great in this game.
* A, B, and C can cancel in both Power Mode and Speed Mode.* forward f+ B (Power and Speed) is not cancellable. There's an exception to that, if f+B is blocked you can cancel it with BC, it's a slow frametrap but works sometimes.* forward f+ C in Speed Mode is not cancellable
* all but low d+A and low d+B in Power mode can cancel when crouching. If d+B is blocked, you cancel it into anything you want.
'''Ground Hits'''
*df + B
When doing df+B (except after a throw) press df+BCD for increased range.
==Special Moves==
* A version is a quick mid foward slash
* B version is a quick low/sweeping forward slash
* Recovery for the B version is bigger
'''Beckoning Slash''' - dp + B
* Can hold B
* If not near opponent when release B, it will hit like Distance Slash
* If near opponent when release B, will slash through opponent and he will kneel and fall to the ground. You can df+B after it
'''Piercing Moon Pounce''' - dp + C
* Slow but unblockable movement of her raising her scabbard and hitting the opponents mid section with it
* Can hold C
'''Heavenly Being Blade''' - hcf + C
* Quick evasion move
* Follow up with '''Ma O Tsumeru Koto Kanyou Nari''' (f + C) to dash forward
* When dashing forward, Hibiki's hitbox is reduced so high attacks won't hit her
* '''Ma O Tsumeru Koto Kanyou Nari''' can be cancelled
* Follow up with '''Ma O Oku Koto Kanyou Nari''' to hop backwards
* When hopping backwards, Hibiki's hitbox is reduced so low attacks won't hit her
'''Sanae O Okotaranu Kokoro Nari''' - Hold Start
'''Heavenly Spirit of Victory''' - qcb,db,f + AB
* Hibiki dashes forward to slash through opponet.
* Travels a great distance, hits from 3/4 screen.
* Confirms from any normal on hit except the ones which aren't cancellable.
==Super Desperation Move==
===Any Mode===
* dp +C, qcf B* j B, B, dp B, qcf +A/B* Dash +A/B, qcb, +db, +f +AB* j B, B, qcb, +db, +f +AB* B dp+B qcf+A/BOnly works near corner for A version must be exactly in the corner.
===Power Mode Only===
* j B, f +C, dp +COnly works near corner* j B, f +C, qcb, +db, +f +AB* j f+C dp+B, * f +C, B dp +B db+B
===Speed Mode Only===
* Dash A/B, d +B, dp +B, qcf +B* j B, jB b +A, A, d +A/A, d +B, dp +B, qcf +B
===EX Mode Only===
* j B, jB b +A, A, d +A, d +B, dp +B, qcb, +db, +f +AB* j B, jB b +A, A, d +A, d +B, f, +hcf +B
===Power and EX Mode===
* j jB B, B, dp +B, qcb, +db, +f +AB* Dash A/B, f, +hcf +B* j B, jB f, +hcf +B
===Speed and EX Mode===
* j B, jB A, B, C* Dash +A/B, d +B, qcf +A* j B, jB b +A, A, d +A, d +B, qcf +A* j B, jB b +A, A d +A, d +B, qcb, +db, +f +AB
===Super Speed Combos===
* A + B + C + d C + A + f BC + A + qcf B
Hibiki's best way of dealing damage is by zoning out her opponents, but in Speed and EX modes she works very well aggressively too. If you're going to play with her in power, learn how to use your B normals and A normals for punishing, especially f+B and B. B is going to be your best friend, it's a 3f anti-air (Takes 9f to get to the ground) and cancels into everything, it's good. Your bnb in power are going to be these two:
(jX) 5b 236a/b
(jX) 4a 5a 5a 236a/b
If you're going to play in speed, they won't be as necessary as your main focus of damage will be your combos with A starters, for example, 4a 5aa/{5a 2a} 2b bc 236a/b which is your bnb.
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