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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Seth

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*cr. A is chain-able into st. A and cr. B
*cr. B hits low but doesn't chain into any other normals
*cr. C can be used as a standing anti-air. The first hit is cancelable while the second puts them into an air recovery state.
*cr. D hits low
:* These follow-ups can be released before the Bow Moon's knee is released on whiff
All of the below can be performed from a backdash.
'''Moon Fall [Koh-Getsu] - (qcf + A) in air
* Seth dive kicks away from the opponent. Good for building meter, and creating space between yourself and the opponent.
:┗'''Slide Kick''' - df+ B
:* A modified version of the command normal. Has half-screen range, hits low, is cancelable, and is an OTG.
'''Moon Set [Raku-Getsu]''' - (qcf + B) in air
* A completely vertical descending dive kick that can be cancelled from his j.A and , j.C and , j.CD. Is an overhead that causes a hard knockdown. It can cross-up if properly spaced and time, and it can also build meter if whiffed. It also causes 10% (or 100 hit points) of damage.
'''Dark Moon [An-Getsu]''' - (qcf + C) in air
* This is a downward angled dive kick that has a steeper angle than j.D and less steep than j.B. Can be cancelled from his j.A or , j.BC, and j.CD. This dive kick can be hard to punish is released from certain jump heights and timings.
'''Sail Moon [Ei-Getsu]''' - (qcf + D) in air
* Seth flips forward mid-air then dive kicks (downward angle) toward the opponent. The mid-air flip can be useful for evading fireballs prehas i-emptively '''Moon Fall [Koh-Getsu] - (qcf + A) in air * Seth dive kicks away from the frames, leads to hard knockdown if connected against an airborne opponent. Good for building meter, and creating space between yourself and the opponent :┗'''Slide Kick''' - df+ B:* This slide kick can be inputted directly after the dive kick to provide a surprise to your opponent or to mix up the arrangement in your movement followed by a bitDual Rising Sun if it connects meaty.
'''Dual Rising Sun [Morote-Sho-Yoh]''' - (qcf x 2 + A/C)
* This super combines the animations and a few of the properties of both strengths of his qcf+P attack. It starts with qcf+A, then ends in qcf+C. The first attack has has very fast start-up and massive hit stun(making it ideal for trades), while the second attacks attack launches and knocks the opponent towards the corner.
* On block, there is a very large gap between the first and second hit. The opponent can simply roll or reversal before the second attack is released. The second attack , however is very safe on block, has enormous frame advantage.
* This DM can be easily super cancelled canceled from Seth's qcf+A, and can be cancelled from his cancel-able standing heavy normal attacks
* Soft knockdown
* Seth slides towards the opponent (df+B animation) then kicks them while laying down 7 times. The first 6 hits are low attacks and the 7th attack is a mid attack that launches the opponent up vertically.
* The differences between the light kick (B) and heavy kick (D) versions are that, the B version has a shorter distance but has faster startup making it easier to combo into, while the D version has less more startup but a farther reach towards the opponentand brief i-frame window.
* There are gaps in between the hits that the opponent can normal roll if they are blocking.
'''7 Flash Torso Grab [Doh-Tori-Shichimonsatsu]''' - (qcf, hcb + A/C)
* This is a command counter super that counters ground based all normals (mid, standing overheads and low attacks) and most special / super moves. It cannot counter ranbu-based supers (example: Iori's qcf, hcb+P) or projectiles. The amount of active frames during the counter isn't very long, and but it active on the animation is quite obviousfirst frame. Seth is in an counter hit state during the counter, and has poor recovery if whiffed.
* Seth tosses the opponent towards the corner that causes a soft knockdown
'''Bloom of Chrysanthemum [Shigure-Rangiku]''' - (f, hcf + AC)
* This HSDM has the beginning animation slide to his qcf, hcb + B/D Desperation Move but doesn't share hit properties of it at all. It is a close ranged command throw that ends in a status effect that scrambles the opponent's directional inputs momentarilyuntil they hit Seth or Seth them again.
* The range to activate the throw must be fairly close and it should not be treated as his df+B slide, or his qcf, hcb + B/D. Opponents must not be in block stun for the throw to activate, but you can combo into this throw from Seth's cancel-able standing and crouching heavy normals and cancel-able command moves.
* cl.C (1), f+B, qcf+A/qcf+C/hcb+K~f+K
* cl.C (1), f+B, f+A, hcb+B, f+B.
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