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The Last Blade 2

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[[File:Last blade 2 forwiki.jpg|right|thumb|'''Community'''  —  [ Discord], [ Subreddit]]]
'''The Last Blade 2''' the sequel to [[The Last Blade]]. It was released in 1998 and added several new characters and gameplay systems to the first game in the series. The characters added were Hibiki, Setsuna and Kojiroh.
*[[/Akari Ichijo|Akari Ichijo]]
*[[/Genbu no Okina|Genbu no Okina]]
*[[/Hagure Hitogata|Hagure Hitogata]]
*[[/Hibiki Takane|Hibiki Takane]]
*[[/Hyo Amano|Hyo Amano]]
*[[/Juzoh Kanzaki|Juzoh Kanzaki]]
*[[/Kaede (Original)|Kaede (Original)]]
*[[/Keiichiro Washizuka|Keiichiro Washizuka]]
*[[/Kojiroh Sanada|Kojiroh Sanada]]
*[[/Kotetsu Naoe|Kotetsu Naoe]]
*[[/Shigen Naoe|Shigen Naoe]]
*[[/Moriya Minakata|Moriya Minakata]]
*[[/Rekka Lee|Rekka Lee]]
*[[/Shinnosuke Kagami|Shinnosuke Kagami]]
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