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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Hinako Shijou

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Normal Moves
*st.A/st.B/C/D are cancel-able
*st.A is chain-able, links into most of her command normals and is good for stopping hops
*st.B unlike her other normals makes her sprite move forward rather than staying in the neutral stance, this makes it a great offense tool. Can also you always can get easily combo into her df+A so utilizing it wellcommand normal.*st.C is nice special and command normal cancel-able, and can be used to anti -air button.incoming hops
*st.D hits mid despite the look of it's hit-box and is special and command normal cancel-able
*cr.A and cr.C are mid attacks and are cancel-able into command and special moves
*cr.B hits low and is chain-able into itself and into st.A, cr.A, and st.B, . st.B is most likely best choice.
*cr.C is good for stopping air to ground jump in attacks if timed correctly. This normal also moves Hinako forward a bit and is whiff cancel-able and special and command normal cancel-able. Hinako is crouched REALLY low during the start of this normal which can evade some grounded normals.
*cr.D is a very fast whiff cancel-able sweep. On hit it can be whiff cancelled into f+B, then cancelled into her down, down+K ground pound for a two hit combo, if they do not ground tech. Regardless of their ground tech you can get cr.D, f+B whiff, pound for unblock pound glitch, but it wont work if they were crouching.
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