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* If whiffed, Yashiro stays grounded completing one half of the animation, but he can still be punished during the recovery.
'''Combo Advice:''' Try in the corner, cl.C/cl.D, f+A, hcf+A+C, hcfqcf+C, dp+A
* Soft knockdown
'''Combo Advice:''' Try cl.C/cl.D, f+A, hcf+A+C, qcf+C, (wait) qcfx2+A/C that does around 450 480 damage points.
==Super Desperation Moves==
'''Million Bash Stream''' - (qcb, hcf + A+C) tap A/C repeatedly for more hits and damage
* This Super DM is the hyper powerful combination of '''Mighty Missile Bash''' and ends with the '''Dual Upper''' uppercut. Best used at the end of combos since he can get hit out of his punches, and it ends with an uppercut if whiffed (or block) which is highly punish-ablepunishable.
* Compared to his Final Impact SDM, it's a bit less damaging and useful (in terms of whiff punishing, or punishing unsafe moves on block) but it's fun to mash the buttons to get more hits and damage.
* There are 3 levels to this super, with no mashing you get 7 hits = 260 damage. Medium mashing: 13 hits = 300 damage, heavy mashing: 23 hits = 400 damage
* Soft knockdown
'''Combo Advice:''' Midscreen, it is possible to combo this HSDM from cl.C/cl.D , f+A string. But the damage isn't as great as if you used cl. C/cl.D, f+A, hcf+A+C, qcf+AC, qcfx2+A+C that uses less meter and outputs more damageis easier to confirm into. But in the corner, you can do cl.C/cl.D, f+A, hcf+A+C, qcf+C, (wait) into HSDM to get 650 660 damage points.

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