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Command Moves
'''Senkou Ikusa Waza Yukikaze''' - (f+A)
*Nameless forms a drill with his left arm then steps forward to hit the opponent six times, it comes out fast to the point that it can combo from some light normals, gives good frame advantage on block, and if you space it can be used as a safe poke from as far as half-screen away because Nameless steps forward and the hitbox stretches to the end ofthe of the drill. It is super cancellable unless canceled from f+B, however the drawbacks for this move inlucde that although it isn't cancel-able at all unless you use it s more often used to activate MAX mode, . Some drawbacks of f+A are that it gives you next to no meter whether you use it in a combo or not, and it suprisingly surprisingly doesn't chip health or guard meter, it's suggest suggested that you use it after a normal (stand/crouch) or after his Ashi Katana Ikusawaza Shigure command.
*Good frame advantage on block
*Combos from: st./cr.X, Ashi Katana Ikusawaza Shigure (f+B)
*Combos into: Max mode activation, Senkou Katame (db/hcb/df+P) and Kaiten Katatokkan (d/f/df+ABCD)
'''Ashi Katana Ikusawaza Shigure''' - (f+B)
*Nameless steps forward to kick the opponent in the face with his left leg, kinda slow start-up but it goes just as far as his Senkou Ikusa Waza Yukikaze command normal, the special thing about this command normal is that it's free cancel-able into not only special attacks and DM's but other command normals as well, this move is definetly definitely very unique to Nameless because it helps him string together form very powerful solid strings many other characters can't do, it does more damage when canceled into but since it has a slow start-up it is highly suggested that you use it after a strong normal that does a lot of hit-stun, st.C will work just fine*Free Cancel-able
*Combo from: Strong Normals
*Combo into: Senkou Ikusa Waza Yukikaze (f+A), Kasanekyaku Ikusawaza Shinonome (df+D), weak Chisou Katame (qcf+A), Taikuu Katame (dp+P), Senkou Katame (db/hcb/df+P), and Kaiten Katatokkan (d/f/df+ABCD)
'''Kasanekyaku Ikusawaza Shinonome''' - (df+D)
*Nameless does a slide attack hitting the opponent in the legs, a pretty simple command normal compared to his other two, this move also does not knockdown so using it for the sake of using it is out of the question, to put it bluntly this move is strictly used to start Max Mode combos or help them along so you can call it a "carry move", outside of this Max mode this move is likely to never get used because it doesn't knockdown and it isn't cancel-able, but in terms of Max Mode this mode can start them on hit then go from theirthere, and while amidst the canceling it can be used in place of the Kyoushou Katame (qcb+D) because in some cases you may need to switch it up, and it hits low so if you get a hit in there's your chance.
*Hits low
*Combos from: Strong Normals, Ashi Katana Ikusawaza Shigure (f+B)
*Combos into: Max Mode activation
==Special Moves==

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