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(starts from overhead f+A. Damage is around 42%)
*[Blocked] j.CD C/D, cl.C, f+A(1), BC run, cl.C, f+A(2), qcb+Ax2Px2, qcb+BK(1), qcb+AP(1), qcf+A P [Guard Breaks] cl.C, f+A(12), hcb f+AP, (SC) qcfx2+C(This is a true 100% guard bar block string when timed correctly that leads to guaranteed 30%~ damage if the opponent has no stock to GCCD you off. Works both Midscreen, you need to briefly walk forward after the guard break. Use hcb f+C in corner and hcb f+A midscreen and corner)
'''3 Stocks'''

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