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Desperation Moves
==Desperation Moves==
'''Dragon God Kick''' - (qcf hcb + B)
*super version of Kensou's hcf+A move, ends with his dp rdp kick.*Second and third hits are overheads
*can combo into it as a decent ender
*causes soft knockdown
'''Dragon God Drubbing''' - (qcf hcb + D)
*super version of Kensou's hcf+C move, ends in dp rdp kick.*Hits high, whiffs on low crouchers.
*can combo into it as an ender or for aerial punishes
*causes soft knockdown
'''RESPECT Meat Dumplings''' - (qcb x 2 + A/C)
*Kensou pulls a giant dumpling out to snack on
*3 possible outcomes:**Kensou cries in a long and fully vulnerable animation, no health gained. Probability: 50%**Kensou dances in a long and fully vulnerable animation while recovering health, up to 25% if he's not interrupted. Probability: 47%**Kensou leans back and clenches his fists in a very short and only throwable animation. If he's not interrupted, only cmd grabs/throws, he recovers all his life. Probability: 3%
==Super Desperation Move==

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