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The King of Fighters 2002 UM/Kyo - 2

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Special Moves
Wicked Chew - qcf + A
*Kyo-2 strikes with arm that is swiftly ignited(Same properties as the original). Wicked chew is primarily used in all of Kyo-2 BnB's.
> Masticate - During Wicked Chew, qcf + A/C
*Kyo-2 uppercuts the opponent and it acts as a launcher to set up the next part of the rekka.
>> Oxidation 1 - During Masticate, A/C
*Kyo-2 uses his to slam the opponent down.
* Super cancellable
>> Rapids of Rage - During Masticate, B/D
*Kyo-2 kicks the opponent while airborn to the other end the screen.
> Oxidation 2 - During Wicked Chew, hcb + A/C
*Kyo-2 instead of launching the opponent performs an overhead by striking downward with his ignited elbow.*Overhead
>> Intensetaneous Smash - During Oxidation 2, A/C
*Kyo-2 strikes downward on his knees(mimics Kyo-1)
>> Phantom Mauler - During Oxidation 2, B/D
*Guard break if opponent blocks
* Super cancellable

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