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Normal Moves


  • st.A: Good range. Special cancelable. Use this after cr.B for combos and to stop hops.
  • st.B: Great poke to keep the opponent at bay and whiffpunish.
  • st.C: Not a bad button to throw out, not great either. His most damaging normal outside of CD. But not cancelable or anything special about it.
  • st.D: Can anti air in situations where cr.C lacks horizontal range but its too slow to react with, rather use st.A, dp+A/C or block.


  • cl.A: Will hit where st.A might whiff on small characters. So use accordingly in confirms from cr.B.
  • cl.B: cl.A and st.A are better do not use this. Special cancelable.
  • cl.C: Less damage than cr.C but can make combos easier. Special cancelable.
  • cl.D: Same as cl.C really. Same damage. Activates further away but comes out a little slower. Special cancelable.


  • cr.A: Not great but use it after cr.B instead of st.A/cl.A if the opponent is too short while crouching.
  • cr.B: Low combo starter. Chains into itself, cl.A, st.A and cr.A. Links into cr.C. Does not special cancel.
  • cr.C: Very reliable anti air normal, one of the best in the game. Insanely fast at 1f startup. Links from cr.B for combos. Special cancelable. Leaves you very open when whiffed so use with care.
  • cr.D: Fast sweep with okay range. Special cancelable. Cancel into qcf+B for low->high gimmick.


  • j.A: No use for it really. Maybe air to air but j.B works just as well.
  • j.B: Best horizontal range of his air normals. Use for air to air or to poke when too far away for j.C/j.D/j.CD.
  • j.C: Same damage as j.D and just as fast. Can crossup.
  • j.D: Same damage as j.C and just as fast. Can crossup. More horizontal range


  • CD: Quite fast, recovers fast enough to link into dp+A after a counter hit in the corner. Enough range to connect after cr.B, cr.B blockstring. Nice to fish for counterhits to combo. Special cancelable.
  • j.CD: Good move. Easy to hit crouchers with. Great for pressure. Enough blockstun to run up or jump in an again after connecting. Also good air to air. Lets you combo on counterhit.


Tani Otoshi: b/f+C (close)

  • Throws forward. Causes hard knockdown, leaves opponent backturned and allows for pressure.

Tomoe Nage: b/f+D (close)

  • Throws back. Recovery roll possible, making it only useful to throw the opponent into the corner.

Command Moves

Hyouchuu Wari: f+A

  • Overhead when done raw. Reaches surprisingly far and causes hard knockdown. Pretty safe to throw out. Loses it's overhead and hard knockdown property when canceled into. Not cancelable into other moves directly. It is also possible to combo from this move using quick max or cancel into dodge and its follow-up attack.

Special Moves

Lightning Legs Knockout Kick: hcb + B/D

  • Ryo sticks his leg out and flies toward. Safe on block at tip range. Heavy version has worse hitbox and startup and is more punishable on block, use for combo.

Tiger Blast Smash (Can also be done in air): qcf + A/C

  • A very stereo type projectile. Has nice frame data and projectile itself flies at nice speed and height. Air version can hit OTG.

Koho: dp + A/C

  • One of the best dp type move in the game without a doubt. Very fast, nice hitbox toward him.

Zan Retsu Ken: f, b, f + A/C

  • Ryo does some furious punches while standing still. Causes hard knockdown on hit.

Desperation Moves

Haoh Sho Koh Ken: f, hcf + A/C

  • A super projectile with big hitbox. A version has very fast start up frame, you can even anti air with it with enough anticipation and you can combo into it from light. C version travels very fast so that you can punish opp's projectile and is your main goto combo move.

Ryuko Ranbu: qcf, hcb + A/C

  • Generic ranbu move. Out shined by his other super in most of part.


Strategy & Tips


King of Fighters 98 UM FE: EX Ryo Guide by Mash It Out

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