The King of Fighters '98 UMFE/FAQ

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This FAQ will be focused on KOF 98 UMFE but will also contain some links and resources for 98UM and vanilla 98 as well.

How do I play this online?

  • 98UMFE is only available on Steam.
  • 98UM can be played online on Xbox 360 and Xbox One via backwards compatibility.
  • 98 is playable online via Fightcade 2 and RedGGPO with rollback netcode.

What are the differences between KOF 98 and 98UM?

What are the differences between KOF 98UM and 98UMFE?

The changes between these 2 versions aren't as drastic as the former. For a full list, please see the changelist page.

What characters are the easiest to learn?

What's the tier list?

The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match Final Edition



AndyAthenaBenimaruBillyBlue MaryBrianChangChinChizuruChoiChrisClarkEX AndyEX BillyEX Blue MaryEX GeeseEX JoeEX KingEX KyoEX MaiEX RobertEX RyoEX TerryEX YamazakiEX YuriEiji KisaragiGeese HowardDaimonHeavy D!HeidernIoriJoeKasumi TodohKimKingKyoLeonaLuckyMai ShiranuiMatureMr. BigOrochi ChrisOrochi ShermieOrochi YashiroRalfRobertRugal BernsteinRyoSaisyuShermieShingo YabukiSie KensouTakumaTerryViceWolfgang KrauserYamazakiYashiroYuri