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Mature is a character that uses her fireballs to setup her game but can also play a pressure based game with her good pokes. Her cl.b and j.b (both 2 hits) make confirming with her rather easy. She can convert into her rekkas from lows and close heavys.

She builds decent meter on block and she has easy conversions into super from most of her normals. Generally a rather safe character, she can struggle to anti air upclose though use s.a and cr.C when there's time for a bit of startup to it.

Changes from KOF 2002

  • Despair (QCF+P) can be done in mid-air
  • B version of Decide (HCF+K) will drag the opponent up to where Mature is standing. You can then cancel it into any special move other than Decide.
  • Far C uses the KOF'96 animation, and can be cancelled on the first and second hits
  • HSDM has faster startup and can be comboed from strong attacks


Quick Reference


  • cl. A/B/C/D are cancel-able.
  • Close B does two hits making it very easy to hit-confirm into command moves or special attacks.
  • Close D does two hits making it very easy to hit-confirm into command moves or special attacks.


  • Stand A is cancel-able/whiff cancel-able.
  • Stand B does two hits and is only cancel-able while doing the move in Max Mode (B+C).
  • Stand C does two hits and moves Mature forward. Both parts can be canceled with a move.
  • Stand D deceiving looks like Iori's cr. D but does not hit low.


  • cr. A/C/D are cancel-able/whiff cancel-able.
  • cr. A/B are chain-able, but cr. A is faster and cr. B cannot be canceled into anything other than normals.
  • cr. B can only be blocked low.
  • cr. C is a moderately good anti-air if used early enough, it can canceled but only before her arm extends into the air


  • j. B does two hits and allows for a combo if desired. This move can be used for a cross-up if done with a hyper hop at the right distance, however, it will not combo into anything.

(more to be updated)

Blowback Attack

(to be updated)


Death Blow - (b/f + C) close

  • Can be broken, regular knockdown.

Backlash - (b/f + D) close

  • Can be broken, reverse knockdown. This throw leaves the opponent close allowing for better mixups.

Special Moves

Note: some special moves have alternate names.

Despair - (qcf + A/C)

  • Mature does a reverse dive while slashing. qcf + A has a short arc and can be easily comboed into. qcf + C has a high arc. Both moves can be used as an anti-air if timed right. Can be free-canceled from another move and also into another Despair in the air, but does not combo.

Sacrilige = (dp + A/C)

  • Mature does an upward spinning attack with her hands doing multiple hits. The weak version does 6 hits while the strong version which starts up alittle slower does 8 hits and travels the farthest. Can be free-canceled.
  • Knocks the opponent into the air with her if not blocked
  • Can be super cancelled in max mode

Death Row (Death Downer) = (qcb + A/C) can be done 3 times

  • Mature does a series of slice moves with her hand. This is the move used in most of her combos, and it also helps build meter more than her other moves. Can be free-canceled from and to another move.
  • Both versions connects from weak attacks

Metal Massacre - (qcb + B/D)

  • Mature dashes forward and does a horizontal slash. The button pressed determines the distance dashed before slashing. The slash does 3 hits.
  • Can be super cancelled in max mode.

Ebony Tears - (qcf~hcb + A/C)

  • Crescent moon projectile. Both moves have a rather slow startup, C is rather slower, however the A projectile travels slower, but allows for recovery. This move allows Mature to zone, and sometimes setup for her Despair move to be used. Ebony Tears has a rather large vertical hitbox, so it can be hard to jump over.

Deceaser (Decide) - (hcf + B/D)

  • Mature swings her arm out with a shadow-like effect and hits the opponent. If not blocked, the move will grab the opponent. The only combo potential it has is in Max Mode.
  • B version drags the opponent right next to you, can be cancelled into other moves if successful

Desperation Moves

Nocturnal Lights - (qcf x 2 + A/C)

  • Mature does a series of strong attacks. The first move comes out pretty fast, and if the move connects, Mature does a knockdown move at the end of the attack. This can easily be comboed from light attacks and can be used to punish whiffed attacks if in range.
  • Does the first few hits, if it connects the rest will come out

Heaven's Gate - (qcb~hcf + B/D)

  • Mature dashes towards the opponent at grabs them in the corner. Her B version travels about 75% of the screen, and her D version travels fullscreen. This move causes knockdown, but if blocked is very punishable.
  • Does not connect from weak attacks
  • Catches airborne opponents
  • Has some invincibility while dashing

Super Desperation Moves

Nocturnal Lights - (qcf x 2 + AC)

  • This SDM is the same has the regular Noctural Lights, but does more damage.
  • Connects from weak attacks
  • Does the first few hits, if it connects the rest will come out

Heaven's Gate - (qcb~hcf + BD)

  • This SDM is the same as the regular Heaven's Gate, but does a little more damage.
  • Does not connect from weak attacks
  • Catches airborne opponents
  • Has some invincibility while dashing


Ecstasy 816 - (qcb~hcf + AC)

  • Mature does a reverse dive towards the opponent and hits the opponent. If the move connects, she does a doppleganger combo followed by an explosive kiss.
  • Connects from strong attacks
  • Can catch airborne opponents


You can use cr.Bx2, far B(2) as a low starter for max combos.

0 Stock

  • cr.B, cr.Ax0~2, st.A, qcb+Cx3
  • cr.B, cl.B, dp+C/qcb+Px3

1 Stock

  • cl.C/cl.D(2), qcb hcf+K
  • cr.B, cl.B, qcfx2+P
  • cr.B/cr.A, cr.Ax0~3, st.A, qcfx2+P

2 Stocks

You can always use qcfx2+A instead of qcb hcf+K, harder to whiff but does less damage.

  • (Midscreen) cl.C (BC) cl.C/far C(1), [dp+C(3), (C)hcf+B]×3, dp+C(2), (C)qcb+K (SC) qcb hcf+K

( Omit qcb+B if you use far C's 2nd hit. )

  • (Midscreen) cl.C (BC) cl.C/far C(2), [dp+A(1), (C)hcf+B]×4, qcb+K (SC) qcb hcf+K

( A tad less strict in spacing than the one above. )

  • (Midscreen) cl.C (BC) far C(2), dp+A(1), (C)hcf+B, dp+C(3), (C)hcf+B, qcb+K(3), qcb+P(5), qcb+B (SC) qcb hcf+K

( A route that is a bit less spacing dependent, as long as you don't start too close to the corner, it works. )

  • cl.C (BC) far C(2), qcb+P(6), (C)qcb+B (SC) qcb hcf+K
  • cl.C (BC) far C(1), qcb+K(3), (C)qcb+P(5~6), (C)qcb+B(3) (SC) qcb hcf+K

( Corner only for qcb+P(6). )

  • (Close to corner) cl.C (BC) far C(1), qcb+K(3), (C)qcb+C(8), (C)qcb+B(3) (SC) qcb hcf+K

( To make this slightly easier, SC on qcb+B's 2nd hit. Spacing dependent, you have to end in the corner but you can't start in the corner. Round start position works. )

3 Stocks

  • cl.C/cl.D(2), qcfx2+AC
  • cr.B, cl.B, qcfx2+AC
  • cr.Bx1~3/cr.Ax1~4, st.A, qcfx2+AC
  • Replace qcb hcf+K by qcfx2+AC in any 2 stocks combo
  • (Midscreen) cl.C (BC) cl.C/far C(1), [dp+C(3)/dp+A(1), (C)hcf+B]×4, qcb hcf+AC

Frame Specifics

Damage Chart

Close Normals

cl. A -4 (5)

cl. B - 4+1 (5+1)

cl. C - 9 (11)

cl. D - 9+4 (11+4)

Far Normals

st. A - 4 (5)

st. B - 4+1 (5+1)

st. C - 9+4 (11+4)

st. D - 12 (14)

CD - 13 (15)

Crouch Normals

cr. A - 2 (3)

cr. B - 4 (5)

cr. C - 10 (12)

cr. D - 13 (15)

Jump Normals

j. A - 5 (6)

j. B - 4+1 (5+1)

j. C - 10 (12)

j. D - 12 (14)

j. CD - 14 (14)

Short Hop Normals

sh. A - 5 (6)

sh. B - 4+1 (5+1)

sh. C - 10 (12)

sh. D - 11 (14)

Vertical Jump Normals

vj. A - 6 (7)

vj. B - 4+1 (5+1)

vj. C - 12 (14)

vj. D - 13 (15)

Super Jump

sj. CD - 11 (14)


C/D Throw - 10

Special Attacks

Ebony Tears (weak) - 13 (15)

Ebony Tears (strong) - 14 (16)

Despair (weak) - 14(18)

Despair (strong) - 16 (20)

↑The frame data is the same with the air variant

Deicide (weak) - 0 (0)

Deicide (strong) - 18 (18)

Metal Massacre (weak) - 8+3+1 (10+3+1)

[3] - 12 (14)

Metal Massacre (strong) - 9+4+1 (11+4+1)

[3] - 14 (16)

Sacrilege (weak) - 8+3+1*4 (10+3+1*4)

[6] - 15 (17)

Sacrilege (strong) - 8+3+1*6 (10+3+1*6)

[8] - 17 (19)

Death Row

[1 rep] - 4+1+1 (5+1+1)

[2~3 rep] - 4+1*5 (5+1*5)

[9] - 15 (16)


Nocturnal Lights

[start-up] - 5 (6)

[Total] - 25 (26)

Heavens Gate - 29 (29)


Nocturnal Lights (MAX)

[Start-up] - 3 (4)

[Total] - 42 (43)

Heavens Gate (MAX) - 39 (39)


ECSTASY816 - 49 (49)

Frame Advantage

Close Normals

cl. A - 3F (-2F)

cl. B [1] - 4F / [2] - (-4F)

cl. C - 3F (-11F)

cl. D [1] - 9F / [2] - (-3F)

Far Normals

st. A - 4F(-2F)

st. B [1] - 6F / [2] - 17F (-7F)

st. C [1] - 11F / [2] - (-6F)

st. D - 16F (-14F)

CD - 16F (-3F)

Crouch Normals

cr. A - 5F (-2F)

cr. B - 6F (-1F)

cr. C - 5F (-9F)

cr. D - 9F (-12F)

Special Attacks

Despair (Weak) ー 19F

(st. opponents) - (+0F)

(cr. opponents) - (+3F)

Sacrilege (weak)[1] - 9F

[ground without guard] - (-9F)

Sacrilege (strong)[1] - 9F

[ground without guard] - (-20F)

Metal Massacre (weak) - 15F (-6F)

Metal Massacre (strong) - 16F (-8F)

Deathrow (weak)

[1] - 11F (-18F)

[2] - 10F (-13F)

[3] - 15F (-16F)

Deathrow (strong)

[1] - 11F (-20F)

[2] - 13F (-15F)

[3] - 16F (-23F)

Ebony Tears (weak) - ?F (+5F)→[guard]

Ebony Tears (strong) - ?F (+3F)→[guard]

Deicide (weak) - 20F (-15F)

Deicide (strong) - 22F (-21F)


Nocturnal Lights (weak) - 6F (-14F)

Nocturnal Lights (strong) - 8F (-18F)

Heavens Gate (weak) - 13F (-26F)

Heavens Gate (strong) - 13F (-30F)


Nocturnal Lights (MAX) - 6F (-15F)

Heavens Gate (MAX) - 13F (-26F)


Ecstasy 816 - 13F (-26F)→[Guard]


Mature -Max- combos by Franck Frost
Nikolai-保力達 (Mature Best Rounds)
Mature Master Class (mirror) by Dream Cancel

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